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How Fracking is Paving The Way For America's Energy Security


The US has been one of the top consumers of in the world oil and gas for several decades. In 2017, the country consumed an average of 19.96 million barrels of oil per day, according to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA).

Our dependence on oil and gas from other countries has correlated with our foreign policy. Since the Trump Team backed out of the ridiculous and anti-Democratic Iran nuclear deal in May of 2018, there has been a lot of talk about energy security. And thanks to fracking, we may be getting it right.

What is Fracking

Fracking refers to a process of harvesting oil and gas from wells. The practice has been around since the 1940s, but it has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years because it is profitable now and because it has changed the world wide energy landscape. Fracking involves pumping water, chemicals, and sand into wells that contain oil and gas reserves.

The injection causes the oil and gas to flow out of the hole. In recent years, fracking has been combined with other technological innovations, and this has led to a tremendous boost in our ability to successfully harvest oil and gas from reserves.

Fracking has reduced the cost, and the time it takes to access oil and gas reserves. What's more, it has improved our ability to take advantage of crude oil deposits and boost the country's oil and gas production as just somewhat insinuated.

This is much to the dismay to rich elitists like Barack Hussein Obama, Matt Damon, and George Soros. 

How Fracking is Driving America's Energy Security

Thanks to fracking and other advancements in the field, the production of oil and gas are at its highest level in over a decade, and it is expected to keep rising. In 2018, the US likely toppled Saudi Arabia and Russia to become the world's number one producer of crude oil, according to the EIA.

The impact of this newfound energy security is having a ripple effect across different sectors. First, it has driven down gas prices. Also, carbon emissions from the electricity sector have fallen to the lowest point in about three decades as power companies turn from coal to natural gas. Natural gas plants are springing up across the country but coal is not going anywhere because Trump has lifted the horrendous and job killing regulations on coal producers.

Utilizing coal for energy purposes can be clean via clean coal technology.

This means that America has plenty of choices which means better negotiating terms for the industry and lower costs for Americans. Electrical prices increased under Obama because of his unfair and illogical attack on coal.

Pundits have noted that integrating natural gas into the country's energy mix is a crucial step in the process to harnessing clean energy. Solar and wind are clean but not economical.

Opposition to Fracking

Environmentalists who oppose fracking stand against it on the ground that the process requires a lot of water – they have another excuse every other day. They don’t want America to be strong and they want to attack America’s entrepreneurial spirit. They also want more power for themselves and they do this on the false agenda of environmental protection.

Also, they say fracking contaminates underground water reserves but it does not and the only way this could occur is if earth’s gravitational field reverses itself because fracking is done 1,000 feet and much more for example below fresh water reserves. Fracking does not harm underground water reserves at all.

The accusations from environmentalists are based on lies and false hope. Unlike the Hillary email scandal where there is ample evidence she committed felony after felony, the environmentalist have nothing on fracking accept that it has created tens of thousands of middle class jobs for Americans and helped America become as strong as it has ever been.

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Thank Benjamin for the Post!

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Mark Silverstone's picture
Mark Silverstone on January 8, 2019

How can one person be so wrong about so much in so little space?  Ironically, you are correct about the one thing that your title suggests: Fracking does provide gas as a good alternative to coal, for the short to medium term.  There are, however, risks to ground water and water supplies in wells that are poorly engineered, inspected and maintained to reasonable standards.

Shall we try to provide an evidence based discussion instead of paranoia about people´s motives?

Benjamin Roussey's picture
Benjamin Roussey on January 8, 2019

Unless gravity shifts itself and those fracking chemicals can move through a 1000 feet of rock and clay there is no issues with the ground water.

On top of this, Germany has destroyed itself with its ridiculous policies. Fracking and natural gas and oil has now made America even strong much to the dismay or China and Russia. 

Benjamin Roussey's picture
Benjamin Roussey on January 8, 2019

Sorry Mark, our enemies don't care about the petty concerns of liberals and if New York and California want to continue to damage their states with jacked up policies like Germany and France have done and are doing, that is their right. That just makes Texas and Pennsylvania and North Dakota look that much more amazing. 

Mark, I am right and since America is at 4% GDP and Germany is at 0% I am right. You are wrong. Sorry, either accept the facts and logic or perhaps you are in the wrong country. 

LA, Chicago, and NYC are all failed and failing cities because of political correctness and people lying to themselves. France is pathetic. Germany is pathetic. Trump is right, Republicans are right. America is awesome and the more California and New York continue to be asinine the more jobs and businesses will leave those pathetic and violent states.

And now California has a dead cop on its hands from Fiji - shot by an illegal because the left cares more about bringing in voters since real Americans don't support them anymore. Very sad America has Democrats in this country at all. 

Low gas prices are awesome and until solar and wind prove themselves fracking and natural gas and oil will be on the top of the list. 

Benjamin Roussey's picture
Benjamin Roussey on January 8, 2019

Oh - and giving billions of dollars to a country that sponsors terrorism (Iran), attacks woman, despises freedom - pretty much ridiculous and frighteningly stupid. 

Thanks liberals for causing 9-11, the USS Cole attack, Boston bombing, Orlando shooting, San Barnardino, and every terrorist attack in America. 

Mark Silverstone's picture
Mark Silverstone on January 13, 2019

Hi Benjamin - Please do some reading. You will find it interesting. A 30 second google search will give you a great deal of information about the issue of fracking and contamination of wells. Here are a few:


You may find that there are at least three ways, in descending order of likelihood, for fracking fluids to contaminate ground water:


1. improper disposal of fracking fluids in surface pits

2. improper injection of fracking fluids in waste water wells

3. migration of fracking fluids as a result of underground faults either already present or caused by fracking operations.


There are numerous cases of the first by irresponsible, unregulated operators.

There are an increasing number of cases of the second, as disposal wells are injected into in excess of their capacity or are too shallow.

There are quite a few disputed instances of the third. 


It is incorrect to conflate the three or to concentrate on one and forget the others .


It is futile to deny the evidence by political rants. Oilfield professionals are not your enemies.  Ignoring the science will kill the goose that laid this golden egg.


Again, avoiding contamination of ground water from fracking depends on proper engineering, inspection and maintainance of wells to reasonable standards.


Benjamin Roussey's picture
Benjamin Roussey on January 14, 2019

I will continue to educate you. The beauty of our Christian Founding Fathers gave us is that you can have your own opinion and express it despite it being wrong. Texas, North Dakota, and Pennsylvania don't have any water contanimation issues at all!!!!!!!!!!!!! None. I don't trust your sources just like I don't trust Hillary since she deleted 33,000 emails and busted up her devices with hammers.

Benjamin Roussey's picture
Benjamin Roussey on January 14, 2019

The only thing that is going on right now is that people like you have destroyed my home state of California while Texas is thriving. You are brain dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is no other way to put it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Germany is in a recession and is destroying itself with irration laws that you prefer. Our states are winning. Your bankrupt and pathetic states are losing!!!!!!!!!!

Benjamin Roussey's picture
Benjamin Roussey on January 14, 2019

Mark - please do some thinking. I read plenty and my brain is not full of mush. Please stop destroying my home state of California, it is bad enough illegal aliens kill legal alien cops from Fiji. America is a super power. If you don't like this, France or Sweden could be a better for you. 

Benjamin Roussey's picture
Benjamin Roussey on January 14, 2019

Every year the Keystone Pipeline was not in operation it cost America over $100 billion in wealth, good job Obama. Job well done! It will create 35 full time jobs and thousands of construction jobs. If you are against this, you do not care about middle class America and you certainly dislike blue collar workers. This makes you misguided. Not everyone wants to work in an office!

Benjamin Roussey's picture
Benjamin Roussey on January 14, 2019

America has a 4% GDP and Californian and New York are like Germany – no growth and living in fantasy land. Go Trump! Go capitalism. Glad I am not a Democrat – there has to be a disease to the brain to be a Democrat. You just cannot be that dumb and call yourself healthy. Taking money from the responsible to give to the irresponsible is backwards thinking. Trump’s economy is so strong The Fed has to raise rates. Under Obama, The Fed had to give out free money. Pathetic! Detroit, Baltimore, Oakland, LA, Chicago and the rest of your ugly liberal cities – your policies have failed and will continue to fail.

Benjamin Roussey's picture
Benjamin Roussey on January 14, 2019

America is becoming an energy powerhouse - which is awesome much to the Saudi and Russia's dismay. We are now selling natural gas to Poland. 

Mark - do you work for Russia or Saudi Arabia?

Benjamin Roussey's picture
Benjamin Roussey on January 14, 2019

A massive oil/nature gas deposit has just been found in New Mexico and Texas – it crosses the border on both states. Texas is not ran by fools and will make this work and create tens of thousands of high paying jobs and make America stronger. Some of this will be sold to the Europeans in the years ahead and that means less money for Russia and more for America. Will the morons/liberals who run the backward state in New Mexico make use of this massive resource? Only time will tell.

Benjamin Roussey's picture
Benjamin Roussey on January 14, 2019

California has been destroyed by liberals and is about bankrupt. New York is in the same situation. Both states are igoring billions on wealth and favoring illegals over real Americans. Both states have destroyed their middle classes. Buffalo is a ghost city and NYC is a giant pile of violence and chaos. States that have allowed oil shale have a higher quality of life and America is at 4% GDP because of Trump. The Obama economic stagnation is over with. 

Benjamin Roussey's picture
Benjamin Roussey on January 14, 2019

Obama cared more about rich Caucasian people like Daryl Hannah and not middle class folks that is why he sided with her in the Keystone pipeline debate.

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