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Five Actions of Obama That Hurt Our Natural Gas Industry

The list of economic blunders committed by the Obama administration is really long. The disastrous energy policy, in particular, deserves a special mention because of the damage it caused to our oil and gas companies as well as the country’s economy.

Five Ways in Which the Obama Administration Hurt Our Natural Gas Industry

1. Failing to Open Federal Lands for Exploration

Right from the outset, the Obama admin was reluctant to open up federal lands and waters for oil and gas exploration and development projects. It was ridiculous because the US is blessed with enormous amounts of gas deposits that could not only fulfill our domestic needs for decades to come, but also allow us to become a major exporter. As a result, our oil and gas companies had to confine themselves to only a small number of areas which were available for oil and gas projects.

2. Delaying Permission for Projects

The Obama administration was notorious for delaying, and in some cases denying, permission to oil and gas projects. A number of high-value projects were held up by the atrocious National Environmental Policy Act, as a result of which many regions in the country were deprived of thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in economic activity.

Obama was a radical environmentalist. His ideology trumped reason, common sense, and jobs for Americans.

3. Holding Up Pipeline Projects

Pipelines are the backbone of the oil and gas industry. Major pipelines usually pass through a number of states and create jobs, increase tax revenue, and stimulate economic activity all through the region. The Obama admin, however, could not care less about jobs or economy, so permission for pipeline projects were routinely delayed. The Keystone XL Pipeline, in particular, was held up by Obama despite the State Department’s assurance that the project did not pose any threat to the environment.

4. Red Tape and Bureaucratic Inefficiency

One of the major causes of delay in oil and gas projects was excessive red tape and bureaucratic interference. Since the administration itself was hostile towards the energy industry, the low level bureaucrats simply did not care about issuing licenses and permits on time. As a result, hundreds of projects were stuck in regulatory red tape and bureaucratic quagmire.

5. Unchecked Environmental Activism

This is perhaps the most important reason why our natural gas industry had a horrid time during Obama’s rule. The EPA ran rampant during the eight depressing and job killing years of the Obama administration and bogged down the energy industry with excessive regulations.

Hopefully the next time a minority runs for the Presidency they are not mistreated just because Obama was such a disaster. Not all minorities have political correct brain cancer like Obama did.

On top of it, full-time activists and professional protesters filed lawsuit after lawsuit against major oil and gas projects throughout the country. They also conducted a number of marches and protests against major projects, making life miserable for ONGC professionals (hurting America and causing electrical prices to go up for American families) but making Iran and Russia very happy.

Trump’s Arrival Changed Everything

Today, the natural gas industry has got a new lease of life thanks to the Trump administration, which wholeheartedly supports our energy industry. Federal lands are being opened up, permits are being issued, and the energy industry is no longer stifled by excessive regulations. It is precisely why we are on our way to become a major energy exporter and attain energy supremacy.


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