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Can the United States Achieve Energy Independence in the Near Future?

Energy independence has been a hot topic of discussion in US energy forums for many years now. Ever since the Arab oil embargo in the 70’s, which made us realize that it is a mistake to depend on others for oil, some forces in the country have been pursuing the goal of energy independence but others forces on the left seem to have no problem with America depending on suspicious nations for our energy needs. After a long wait, it seems like the goal could be reached in the very near future – in 2026.

Energy Independence in 2026

The latest report from the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) states that the country could become a net exporter of energy by 2026.

It is a major milestone, since the country has been a net importer of energy since the 50’s and has had to depend on OPEC nations for its oil needs. Over the years, however, energy imports have steadily declined and exports have increased considerably, which is a very favorable situation for the domestic producers, the world, our allies, America, the American middle class, and so on.

The Important Role of Fracking in Domestic Oil Production

Hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking, has been one of the main reasons for our increased domestic oil and energy production. It has given US oil companies access to huge amounts of shale formations, which has resulted in a sharp increase in domestic oil and energy production. Thanks to these developments, oil imports to America have gone down by up to 60% since 2008, which is a significant reduction.

This means America is keeping more of its own money and this means less money going to hostile actors and parts of the world that we have little influence over and who do not share our interests. Democrats do not speak about this since they are too busy trying to let in violent refugees into this country, trying to increase the food stamp count, and trying to grow the size of government since they believe Americans are too stupid to make their own decisions.  

Change in Administration, Change in Attitude

One of the reasons behind the surge in domestic oil production has been the change in attitude of our administration. The emergence of Trump has made our political climate conducive to oil and energy production, which was not always the case before. Huge tracts of federal lands and waters, which were previously unavailable for our oil companies, have been now freed up by Trump, which has resulted in high resource availability for domestic producers.

America is loaded in natural gas too and is going all out to utilize those sources. America is already exporting natural gas to Europe much to the chagrin of Russia.

The most amazing part of the EIA report is that it predicts that the country could become energy independent by 2026 if the current political and economic conditions remain the same. Since America is smarter and healthier under Trump, and if oil prices become high enough (but oil prices are lower because of oil shale which forced OPEC to increase supply so this is somewhat complicated but good for the American consumer), the goal could be achieved as early as 2020.

The prediction should not come as a surprise to anyone who has been following Trump’s campaign and his first few months in office. He declared during his campaign that making the US energy independent was one of his primary goals. His advisor, oil billionaire Harold Hamm, told people that the country could achieve energy independence under Trump in just six years. The claim has been now validated by the EIA report.

Make America great again Trump!

Bright Future for Domestic Energy Markets

On the whole, if economic conditions remain favorable and if there are decent advances in oil and energy exploration and development technologies, our country could soon export a lot more energy than it imports and become completely energy independent within the next decade, which is no small feat by any stretch of imagination.

But America is loaded in energy so let’s take advantage of that which we have been doing. California and New York have not been doing this which is another reason their middle class has been ravaged but the rich white environmentalists do not care about the middle class as seen time and time again. Both of those states are loaded in oil shale but refuse to do anything about since they do not care about jobs nor making America strong.

Not only is America doing well with oil shale it is on fire, figuratively speaking, with natural gas as has already been mentioned. America is a natural gas leader on the world stage and this just means more jobs and more revenue for this reemerging country.

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