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2017 Top Voices of your Generation and Clean Power Communities

Your Generation Network and Clean Power Professionals communities cover traditional generation technologies  as well as bringing thoughts and ideas on renewable energy. You, as industry thought leaders, have brought to light insights behind biomass, coal, natural gas, hydro, natural gas, nuclear power, solar, wind and tidal power.

To our community of over 50k, I am happy to present three of your top voices from 2017:

Randy Wheeless | Spokesman, Duke Energy
Top Post: Duke Energy Makes it a Sweet Dozen

Randy's Favorite story of 2017:

The Solar Eclipse got a lot more media attention than I was expecting. Duke Energy was covered by the New York Times, Washington Post and even featured on Good Morning America. 

Since North Carolina is 2nd in the nation for solar, it was great to see the media giving a different angle on this topic.

Best book that Randy read last year:

Jim Henson: The Biography

I generally enjoy biographies. You may think you know something about people, but I like to read more to find out about their roots and how they grew to achieve success in their lifetimes. This biography was no different.

Important stories, from Randy, to watch for in 2018:

Continuation of the increase in the solar trend. I am especially Interesting to see if the tariffs will prove to be a minor impact on the growth of solar or cause major obstacles.

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John Finnigan | Senior Regulatory Attorney, EDF
Top Post: Give Ohio a real chance to win the Amazon HQ2 bid by keeping state clean energy standards intact

John’s favorite story of 2017:

FERC’s rejection of the DOE Perry study.  It occurred early 2018, but the build-up was throughout 2017.

Best book that John read in 2017:  

A biography of Ulysses Grant by Ron Chernow.

Important stories, from John, to watch for in 2018:  

How will FERC, state legislatures and state public utility commissions alter current market rules to allow subsidies for old coal and nuclear plants.

More from John Finnigan


Rory Christian | Director, New York Clean Energy, EDF
Top Post: How ‘Energy Week’ could learn from state clean energy leaders

What Rory writes about:

I like to think and write about how we can use existing and new approaches to ensure that the energy used by society is as clean as possible and that it’s used efficiently.

When Rory does his best writing?

At 10pm with a glass of scotch – neat of course.

Best book that Rory read in 2017:

The Three Body Problem, by Liu Cixin. An amazing science fiction story and the opening salvo of a three part series that was both entertaining and educational.

Important stories, from Rory, to watch for in 2018:

The effects of Trump’s policies on domestic renewable energy growth and our ability to reduce carbon emissions.

More from Rory Christian.

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Marlys Roddy's picture
Marlys Roddy

Congratulations Rory Christian, John Finnigan and Randy Wheeless for being 2017 Top Voices on Energy Central!

PJ Davis's picture
PJ Davis

Well done! Great pics!