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Generation Professionals Group

The Generation Professionals Group is for utility professionals who work in biomass, coal, gas/oil, hydro, natural gas, or nuclear power generation fields. 

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Pat Remick's picture

Pat — 23 posts

Senior Energy Communications Strategist, NATURAL RESOURCES DEFENSE COUNCIL

James (Jim) Schetter's picture

James (Jim) — 16 posts

Principal, Renewable Impacts LLC

Matt Chester's picture

Matt — 14 posts

Energy Analyst, Chester Energy and Policy

Jim Marston's picture

Jim — 8 posts

Vice President, Clean Energy, Environmental Defense Fund

Chavdar Azarov's picture

Chavdar — 8 posts

Former HSE Coordinator, BMF Port Burgas EAD

Michael James Widico's picture

Michael James — 6 posts

President, Widico & Associates, LLC

Newest Members of Group

Nick McClung's picture

Nick joined 3 days ago

Manager, Risk & Quality Assurance, Tennessee Valley Authority

Apollonia Racca's picture

Apollonia joined 5 days ago

Portfolio Siting Coordinator, Tradewind Energy

Alan Ludlow's picture

Alan joined 6 days ago

CEO, Ludlow Power

John Carl Rankin's picture

John Carl joined 6 days ago

President & CEO, BCS Poder Solar S. de R.L. de C.V.

Lucy Cole's picture

Lucy joined 6 days ago

Digital Marketing Co-ordinator, Haven Power

Joe Butzer's picture

Joe joined 1 week ago

Network Reliability Lead, Xcel Energy

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The Growth of The Natural Gas Pipeline Network in The US

Natural gas now has a massive footprint in the United States. It contributes to almost 25% of the total energy consumption in the country, and remains the largest natural resource for producing electricity.

The Myth of the 24/7/365 Power Plant

Inspired by the record-breaking vortex, this blog dismantles the myth of the 24/7/365 power plants, an erroneous attribute contrived by coal and nuclear proponents to give undue value to their plants.

TVA Keeps an Eye on Its Ash

TVA takes coal ash safety very seriously and has spent about $2 million to develop the Advanced Technology for Impoundment Monitoring center to help identify and respond to any coal ash issues before they become an emergency.

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