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The Energy Management Network is the place where utility professionals discuss all aspects of energy management. This network includes the Energy Management and the Energy Efficiency groups.

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ACI’s 6th National Conference on Next Generation Demand Response

Residential Demand Response, Storage + Solar, DER implementation and Capacity Markets to be addressed at the 6th National Conference on Next Generation Demand Response

Big Data and DERs to Enhance Grid Security: What the Trends Say

The future of aggregate grid efficiency these days seems frequently tied to the advent of big data and the growth of distributed energy resources (DERs), and as such the focus on data and DERs has intensified.  While these concepts have certain..

Non-wire alternatives (NWAs) as Energy Management Investment-- What is your organization doing?

In reading an overview of top utility trends of last year (a good lead-in to think about the trends of 2019 to come, which many Energy Central contributors have submitted thoughts on-- check them all out here), one that stuck out to me was the..

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