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Energy Management Network

The Energy Management Network is the place where utility professionals discuss all aspects of energy management. This network includes the Energy Management and the Energy Efficiency groups.

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How can blockchain save energy? Here are three possible ways.

Blockchain is generating a lot of buzz as a promising system to verify and track peer-to-peer transactions in the energy sector. It could have multiple applications although there is still debate about which, if any, will work well. What’s...

Public Power Efficiency: Progress but More Savings Possible

California’s POUs deserve credit for their success in achieving significant energy savings through efficiency. But so much more is possible.

Wind Subsidies to be Phased Out by 2020, Which Might be Beneficial For Us in The Long Run

The federal subsidies being provided to the wind energy industry are expected to be phased out by 2020. While it will definitely have an adverse impact on wind power, it might be beneficial for the energy sector as well as the consumers in the..

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