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The Energy Management Network is the place where utility professionals discuss all aspects of energy management. This network includes the Energy Management and the Energy Efficiency groups.

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Innovations in Electricity Generation – What The Future Holds in Store For The Power Sector

We live in an era of technological innovation. The impact of technology can be seen in virtually every field and industry across the spectrum.

19 states value clean air, clean lungs in program planning

In a wider push to increase energy efficiency, 19 states are incorporating health and environmental benefits into the cost effectiveness testing of utility-run efficiency programs. Quantifying these advantages is a step towards increased funding...

Imaginative Innovations in Energy Efficiency: Scientists and Engineers Willing to Think Outside the Box

Among the most stifling things to innovation is a fear of thinking differently and simply following convention. Certainly most organizations, buildings, and utilities have room for improvement by following the typical energy efficiency playbook..
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Knowing More Sooner: Making Real-Time Evaluation Work

In response to our industry’s goals for greater (yet cost-effective) energy savings, stronger climate mitigation, and more engaged customers, energy efficiency programs are changing. Recently, two types of programs have been on the upswing in an ...
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Climate challenge: Cut the ‘gray carbon wedge’ of industrial emissions

Recent major climate reports highlight public interest in addressing climate change. There is broad agreement that we won’t achieve carbon reduction goals without cutting emissions from the industrial sector, which accounts for more than a fifth...

Despite breakthoughs in technologies like demand-side response, low awareness of energy management programs is costing businesses-- how should this be addressed?

A survey recently conducted by npower Business Solutions found that a striking 69% of energy managers are unaware of developments of demand side response (DSR), and this gap in knowledge is likely to cost the businesses involved heaps of..

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