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Energy management is the proactive, organized and systematic coordination of procurement, conversion, distribution and use of energy to meet  requirements, taking into account environmental and economic objectives. The Groups in this network support utility energy management professionals.

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Smart Lighting Platform: The Gateway to a Smarter City

Energy Efficiency Group -
Smart Lighting platform has great features such as light recipes, enabling/disabling light, colors and brightness of the bulbs in the network. The other devices which have light can be integrated with the platform easily to save and manage the..

Residential Demand Response Market Continues Massive Growth

Load Management Group -
Energy management for utilities pertains to how power providers can use organized management techniques to ensure that electricity delivery is both economical and environmentally prudent, in particular finding ways to meet peak demand without..

California Utility Picks Energy Storage Over More Gas

Load Management Group -
Energy storage has long been discussed hand-in-hand with renewable energy technology because widely available, efficient, and affordable energy storage would help solve the intermittency problem of large-scale solar and wind energy generation.

For existing homes, energy efficiency often has a better return on investment than solar

Energy Efficiency Group -
Looking for an investment with a high, secure return on investment? A light energy efficiency retrofit of a typical existing home can deliver a whopping 18.5% return annually, nearly double that of long-term stocks. It’s also a much higher...

Cheers to Distributed Energy Resources

Energy Efficiency Group -
While politicians debate the merits and hammer out the intricacies of instituting energy policy on a wide scale, a welcome trend has been from private companies and corporations making commitments towards clean tech and energy efficiency.

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