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Intelligent insights & conversations with global power industry professionals

In partnership with PLMA, this group is for practitioners from energy utilities, solution providers, and trade allies to share load management expertise and explore innovative approaches to program delivery, pricing constructs, and technology adoption.


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Matt Chester's picture

Matt — 99 posts

Energy Analyst, Chester Energy and Policy

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Richard — 12 posts

Senior Consultant, Reliable Energy Analytics LLC

Ed Thomas's picture

Ed — 8 posts

Executive Director, PLMA

Noam Mayraz's picture

Noam — 4 posts

Consulting Engineer, Future Power, Inc.

Brittany Beman's picture

Brittany — 1 post

Marketing Manager, Senseware

Catherine Luthin's picture

Catherine — 4 posts

President, Luthin Associates, Inc.

Newest Members of Group

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Jody joined 1 day ago

Regulatory Policy Manager, Xcel Energy

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ron joined 2 days ago

Energy Solutions Specialist, meralco

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Jones joined 5 days ago


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David joined 1 week ago

Founder and CEO, Superconducting, Proton Spin Technology Inc. R/D Mfg. Eng. U.S.U.S.A

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Paul joined 1 week ago


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Christoph joined 1 week ago

Project manager PV& Battery, E.ON Energie Deutschland

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Post - Load Management Group -

Florida utility to build world's largest solar battery; Storage costs plummet 35% in a year

Keep in mind that we just cannot eat our cake and have it too.  Any storage batteries in renewable energy, solar / wind - will be charged with grid supplied fossil-fueled electrical energy that is coming off the grid, which is an exercise in..
Noam Mayraz's picture
Consulting Engineer
Future Power, Inc.

Member since 2003

Consulting Engineer, Future Power, Inc.

Post - Load Management Group -

How Can Small-Scale Stationary Battery behind the Meter (BTM) Contribute to Power System Transformation?

- Power system transformation is the active process of creating the policy, market, and regulatory environments, as well as establishing operational and planning practices, that accelerate investment, innovation, and deployment to realize smart..
Dr. Amal Khashab's picture
Expert Independent Consultant ,Electric Power Systems Engineering

Member since 2019

Expert Independent Consultant ,Electric Power Systems Engineering, Self

Post - Load Management Group -

Get a Load of This! Bi-Weekly Digest of the Top Content Submitted to the Load Management Group in Energy Central- February 13, 2020

Finding ways to shift the load on the grid—whether that’s shifting it in time of use, shifting it to storage, shifting where it’s coming from, and more—is such a compelling topic with new ideas being implemented in utilities all the time, both in..
Matt Chester's picture
Energy Analyst
Chester Energy and Policy

Member since 2018

Energy Analyst, Chester Energy and Policy

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