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Intelligent insights & conversations with global power industry professionals

In partnership with PLMA, this group is for practitioners from energy utilities, solution providers, and trade allies to share load management expertise and explore innovative approaches to program delivery, pricing constructs, and technology adoption.


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Matt — 97 posts

Energy Analyst, Chester Energy and Policy

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Richard — 12 posts

Senior Consultant, Reliable Energy Analytics LLC

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Ed — 7 posts

Executive Director, PLMA

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Brittany — 1 post

Marketing Manager, Senseware

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Catherine — 4 posts

President, Luthin Associates, Inc.

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Audra — 4 posts

Vice President of The Power Industry Network, Energy Central

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Consultant, Fidesty, LLC

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Roger joined 1 week ago

Director, Silverthorn Institute

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Karen joined 1 week ago

CEO/CEM/Electrician/ConstructionPM/EHS/ProfEDU/FinancialConsultant, Celestine Treasure Chest Green Solutions LLC

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James joined 1 week ago

Associate Partner, IBM GBS

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Tushar joined 1 week ago

VP, Sales, HCL America Inc.

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Get a Load of This! Bi-Weekly Digest of the Top Content Submitted to the Load Management Group in Energy Central- January 16, 2020

For the first time in 2020, I’m thrilled to bring you the next issue of the ‘Get a Load of This!’ Load Management Digest.
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Energy Analyst
Chester Energy and Policy

Member since 2018

Energy Analyst, Chester Energy and Policy

a question was asked in Load Management Group
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Manager, Digital Analytics
New York Power Authority

Member since 2018

Manager, Digital Analytics, New York Power Authority
Im not sure if this is the correct group for this post. Please correct me if this should go elsewhere. Is anyone familiar with the Yes Energy Platform? If so what is your experience with it. We are particularly interested in the outage management..
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Storing Grid Power in EV Batteries Could Level Out Utility Peaks, Save Owners $560 Per Year

An automobile fleet that included even 10% electric vehicles would be enough to shift the daily electricity generation peak in California from daytime to nighttime hours if utility Southern California Edison used the cars to store renewable...
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Blog posts, The Energy Mix

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2.5% of delivered electric power in the U.S. is cycled through a storage facility.  For comparison, 10% of delivered power in Europe and 15% of delivered power in Japan are cycled through energy storage facilities.
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Consulting Engineer
Future Power, Inc.

Member since 2003

Consulting Engineer, Future Power, Inc.

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New Electrical Engineering Data Have Been Reported by Researchers at Huazhong University of Science and Technology (A Privacy-Preserving Online Learning Approach for Incentive-Based Demand Response in Smart Grid)

2020 JAN 16 (NewsRx) -- By a News Reporter-Staff News Editor at Electronics Daily -- Investigators discuss new findings in Engineering - Electrical Engineering. According to news reporting from Hubei, People’s Republic of...