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What career path would you recommend to young people who are interested in energy efficiency?

In my dealings with the energy industry on blogs and social media, I often come across young people in college or even earlier who are expressing an interest in energy efficiency as a career path, but they don't know where to start. For these people, could you perhaps share some thoughts for how to best prepare for an energy efficiency career-- what to study, where to study, what type of jobs or internships to seek? Are there graduate programs you consider the best? What career path did you personally take, and what lessons did you learn that you'd offer for the next generation who want to do this type of energy efficiency work as well?

Answers has some really good resources to get job seekers started. Internships are a great way to explore various options along with volunteer opportunities.

Matt Chester's picture
Matt Chester on December 7, 2018

Thanks for the resource, Vanessa!

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