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Here's How TEPCO Is Boosting Efficiency at Its Thermal Power Plants

Tokyo Electric Power Co. and TEPCO Fuel & Power, Inc. are combining a new remote optimization center with the Internet of Things to increase the fuel efficiency and operations of its thermal power plants.

The effort is the result of testing that began in 2015, and will be developed into operational support services for the thermal power plants of other electricity producers in Japan and across Asia. 

"Embracing IoT technology to improve our technological services make it possible to provide value-added services for our customers in terms of maintaining thermal efficiency and improving power generation availability," says Seiji Moriya, president of TEPCO Fuel & Power

By using IoT technology, the effort has improved power generation efficiency resulting in decreasing fuel costs up to $640,000 per unit a year. Also, by remotely detecting symptoms of nonconformance, the technology optimizes power station operation and maintenance, potentially reducing outages by 10-20 percent.

The Data monitoring and Analyzing Center (DAC) began testing in January 2017, and has confirmed operational improvements at TEPCO Fuel & Power's thermal power plants at Hitachi-Naka, Chiba, Futtsu, and Shinagawa. The technologies include:

  • Cloud platform from Amazon Web Service
  • Data Infrastructure from OSIsoft 
  • Early Anomaly Detection from GE Energy's Bentley Division
  • Early Anomaly Detection from Engineering Consultants Group
  • Performance Management from Curtiss-Wright

TEPCO says it plans to strengthen these tools, and will offer the technologies and services to other power operators across Asia.

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