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Is a drop important?

Of course, a bathroom faucet from a company or institution that drips down is insignificant compared to any metric used by the corporate world.

It is about a liter and a half an hour for a measurement that I myself have done in a real case. Per month about one cubic meter. Only a couple additional USD in the monthly bill.

But the point here is the attitude. Executives seeking the excellence of performance of the organizations they direct require a posture focused on efficiency. It's a matter of drive and tone of leadership.

The financial value will never point to the need to repair the faucet, since the minutes needed by a technician to repair it will always cost a lot more than the wasted water for many months!

However, the requirement of parsimony is an important signaling. In the case of electric energy there is a list of items that fall under this type of "waste" and often pass under the radar of organizations. It's time to change!

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