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With demand on the rise and fossil fuels on the outs, utilities are turning to energy efficiency to help them bridge the gap. This is the digital spot to trade ideas and lessons learned in this brave new electric world. This group is part of the Energy Management Network.

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2017 Top Voices of your Energy Management Network and Energy Efficiency Communities

Your Energy Management Network community engulfs the innovated world of Energy Efficiency. With demand on the rise and fossil fuels on the outs, utilities are turning to energy efficiency professionals, like you, to help them bridge the gap. By trading ideas and lessons learned, you have built your community to approach this brave new electric world.

2017 brought many into the conversation. Here are 3 of the top voices from 2017:

Matthew Kahn | Manager of Proposal Development, Lime Energy
Top Post: LED History Lesson, Part 1: The LED Origin Story

What Matthew likes to write about:

Because of my background as a historian, I like to connect present-day developments to events from the recent past. Every story in our industry – from international climate agreements, to oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, to the emergence of new technologies – has a trajectory. I find that trajectory both illuminating and fascinating. When I find something I think is illuminating and fascinating, historical or otherwise, I know it is worth writing about.

 How Matthew measures success:

 It can be easy to measure success by the number of visitors I can drive to the Lime Energy website or by any new business I can generate. When I am dubious about my contributions to that cause, I find success in my ability to create interest or conversation around challenging or newsworthy topics.

Matthew's favorite story of 2017:

My favorite story was definitely my series on the history of LEDs. I enjoyed tracing the evolution of a technology that many of us now take for granted. Curious readers can still read the final installment on Lime Energy’s website.

Important stories, from Matthew, to watch for in 2018:

I’m working on a story about the role that energy efficiency must play in the debate over 100% renewable energy. Whether achieving 100% renewables is possible or not, energy efficiency investments across sectors will make the goal more realistic and more affordable.

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Tim White | Energy Services Supply Side Director, Trane
Top Post: Best Practices for a Successful Energy Procurement Strategy

What Tim likes to write about:  

Energy as it relates to “corporate America” and how large companies should have a functioning plan for energy 

When Tim does his best writing:  

Very early AM

Best book Tim read in 2017:  

The Big Pivot

Important stories, from Tim, to watch for in 2018:  

Washington / US Government involvement with renewables

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Dan Delurey | President, Wedgemere Group
Top Post: "Secret" Codes for Creating Smart Buildings?

What Dan likes to write about:

I like to look for early signs of intersections (or clashes) of issues and business models in the electricity sector. With the rapid changes that are happening, there are a lot of things to observe and comment on.  I especially like writing about the intersection of grid modernization and climate change mitigation and resilience. It is not a connection that many people readily make.

Post or posts Dan is most proud of:

I am pleased to have posted coverage from the recent UN Conferences on Climate Change (known as COPs in UN lingo). I was able to report on those events - including Paris and Bonn - as one of the few grid modernization experts there. Also, at the recent Bonn conference, I was able to be MC for two full days at the UN Climate Action Center, which was the alternate US Pavilion set up in Bonn for business and public sector actors to try to compensate for the diminished official US presence. My reporting on that seemed to be of interest to people back here in the US.

When Dan does his best writing:

When I see something that I feel might be something others may miss, I feel compelled to do a ‘mind dump’ and quickly write in a stream of consciousness mode.

One thing most readers may not know about Dan:

My career has been totally in the energy sector, but I have done a lot of different things over the years within that vertical. I have done market research, product management advertising and market communications, external relations (local, state, federal), event creation and management, regulatory work, and lobbying on Capitol Hill, and climate change program development. I find that many people only know of me for one or two of those things and don¹t know about the other things I do or have done because most people don¹t do that many varied things.

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Marlys Roddy

Congratulations Dan Delurey, Matthew Kahn and Tim White for being 2017 Top Voices on Energy Central!

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PJ Davis

Well done! Great reads!