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The Energy & Sustainability Network is the place where the best minds in the energy & sustainability field come to share ideas. This network includes the Energy Collective & Oil & Gas groups.

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Oil & Gas Group -

LNG News Flash

In LNG Marketplace we follow LNG news all over the media to select the most important ones and every week we record LNG Newsflash for you so you can listen to it anywhere you are! It is short! It is flash! And we love what we do as we believe..

Oil & Gas Group -

How Much Money Does Natural Gas Mean to The North Dakota Economy?

In 2018, North Dakota processed approximately 527 billion cubic feet of natural gas. Western North Dakota has a total of 16 natural gas processing plants that produced 2.56 billion cubic feet per day of natural gas in 2018. It also paid $9.6..

A Plausible Scenario for Saudi Arabia’s Nuclear Energy Plan; Goodbye US AP1000, Hello China Hualong One via Pakistan

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has long maintained that if it doesn’t get what it wants from a US 123 Agreement for export of nuclear reactor technologies, it has other options including buying Chinese Hualong One PWRs, at 1100 …...

Nuclear Fission is a Better Energy Solution than Solar and Wind for the Climate

Michael Shellenberger is the President, Environmental Progress and he described the flaws with depending upon solar and wind to solve the climate issues. Environmental Progress saved several nuclear power plants in the US and around the...

ITER and Many Nuclear Fusion Startups Use Misleading Power Terms

The Nuclear Fusion industry has been working towards various kinds of milestones in energy generation and various kinds of energy breakeven. The public only cares about the point when the fusion reactor will continually generate commercial...

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