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The Energy & Sustainability Network is the place where the best minds in the energy & sustainability field come to share ideas. This network includes the Energy Collective & Oil & Gas groups.

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Post - 15 hours agoThe Energy Collective Group

The cost of not following legislation; £1.4m

The energy legislation landscape has only kicked off in the last 20 years and created some progressive schemes. This article takes a look at the financial risk to business for not complying with these schemes.
Post - 3 days agoThe Energy Collective Group

A Different Type of Conundrum... A Different Kind of Denial

If the IPCC Report and the many other reports that have come out in the past two years are any indication - and I think they are - we have a real fight on our hands. Let's join together and try to win. Losing is not going to be any fun.
Post - 4 days agoThe Energy Collective Group

UN Special Report confirms urgent need to reduce methane emissions

The latest UN IPCC report makes it crystal clear that carbon dioxide (CO2) is not the only pollutant that matters for limiting future warming. Deep reductions in emissions of non-CO2 pollutants, particularly methane (CH4), are essential to...
Post - 4 days agoThe Energy Collective Group

4 Ways AI and IoT are Producing Energy Efficiency Today

Are AI and IoT far off concepts? No. They exist now and produce measurable energy savings. I trust you care about increasing energy efficiency in your building. If so, then you’ll want to see some of the options available today.

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