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Welcome to The NEW Energy Collective! What's new, FAQ's and how you can contribute to the group!

Welcome to The NEW Energy Collective. This post will serve as a guide to help you navigate the new platform.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your community team at

All ‘The Energy Collective’ articles and authors you’ve enjoyed for years are now part of the ‘The Energy Collective Network’ on the  Energy Central Power Industry Network.

Here, you will find:

  • The Energy Collective Group - This group is akin to the old TEC ‘Homepage’. It contains all previous articles that were shared on The Energy Collective. It will also have any new content that is shared with this group. 
  • Oil & Gas Group – This is a new group for all oil and gas related articles and interested professionals.
  • Coming Soon –We will be adding channels from The Energy Collective historical site.

What is the difference between a Network, Group and Channel on Energy Central:

  • Network – A network is a roll up stream of groups and channels containing related topics.  Soon, members will be able to subscribe to a network.  As a subscriber you will be signed up for a weekly newsletter that highlights the top posts from the subsidiary groups and channels.
  • Group- A group is a community where you can share, learn and connected in a collaborative environment. Some groups have their own newsletters which are delivered to all members. Not interested? You can update your subscription preferences at any time. In a group you can:
    • Tap into our network of experts or ask other members for help by using the Q&A feature.
    • Participate in discussions by commenting on others posts.
    • Share your own insights through posts, shared links or resources.
    • Just read and enjoy what others have to say.
  • Channel – A channel contains select posts from a group or individual who write about specific topics on a regular basis.  While you cannot join or post to a channel, you can read insights shared by the contributors and comment on their posts.

The Energy Collective Weekly and Daily Newsletters:

  • Subscribers to The Energy Collective Weekly Newsletter - you will start receiving your subscription again this week. 
  • Subscribers to The Energy Collective Daily – This newsletter will be re-launched in the next few weeks.
  • Not a subscriber but want to be? Subscription to The Energy Collective Weekly Newsletter is now open. Follow this link to subscribe:

For Contributors:

Previous contributors of The Energy Collective have had their profiles and all previous content ported to The Energy Collective Group.  Please note: if you were a previous contributor, you have been auto joined to this group and may post future content to the group at any time. You may also join other groups, like the Oil and Gas Group and post to those as well.  See below for some FAQ’s that may help you navigate all the changes.

Your Member Profile:

  1. Updating your Profile: All profiles were brought over to the new site.  However, we were only able to match data with fields that were collected on the TEC site.  Please take a minute to log-in and update any missing fields. This will help with your content approval processes in the future!
  2. Logging into your profile:
    1. If you're already a member of Energy Central you are good to go and can sign in as usual.
    2. If you are new to Energy Central, you will need to set a new password for your account.  You can do that by clicking here.
    3. If you were not a previous member you will need to register by clicking here.
  3. Page Views under your profile: The page views that your article accumulated on The Energy Collective were not recorded and therefore we were unable provide that information on the new site.  Going forward, any new posts that are added or if the posts that we brought over are viewed on the new platform, those views will be recorded.
  4. Two Profiles now showing on our site: If you notice that you have two profiles on our site, this may be because you had a profile on Energy Central or The Energy Collective that used different email addresses. To have this fixed please email us at

Your Content:

If you contributed on The Energy Collective, all your content should show under your profile. Please see below for some special notes:

  1. Images: Most images in your articles from The Energy Collective have been imported along with your article. Please give us a couple more weeks to fix all images before you make any changes to your post(s).  See below:
    1. Some images did not port over correctly and we are working on fixing these. 
    2. Some images on the old site were "broken" and they will remain "broken" on the new site. If this is the case – you may go in and edit these, but again wait a couple weeks!  
  2. Embedded Videos: Videos embedded in articles on The Energy Collective did not import correctly. We are manually updating any article that had an embedded video.  If you find a white block on one of your articles showing the word “iframe”, please let us know at and we'll add it to the list of videos to fix. 
  3. Content that was posted to a channel on The Energy Collective: If your content was featured in a channel on The Energy Collective, you will be contacted, in the next couple weeks, by our Content & Community team to see if you want to continue to contribute to a featured channel. 
  4. RSS feeds: If your content was added to The Energy Collective through syndication (RSS feed), that content will be imported over in the next few days.
  5. Comments on your content on The Energy Collective: We are still in the process of pulling over all the comments that were shared on your post.  This should be completed in the next couple weeks. 
  6. Links on your posts: You may notice that some or all of your links are not working on your old posts.  This is because we have not re-directed the full website over to Energy Central yet.  Once this is done links should be fixed.  You will not need to fix these. 

Posting New Content to the site:

  1. Log-in and navigate to the home page or to the community group which you wish to post to and click on the top box that says “start a post…”
  2. Then follow the steps to create your post.
    1. During the process – select the “post for me option” – below this option is a list of community groups in which you are a member.  The Energy Collective group should show on your list. 
    2. If you want to post to other groups on Energy Central, you can select one of those groups from the other list of groups.  This will allow you to join and post to a group all in one step. 
  3. Follow the rest of the prompts and post your content.
  4. All content will go through an approval process.  We approve content within one business day of the submittal. 
  5. Pre-approved to post content and bypassing the approval process.  Once we see that your content is suited for our site and membership, we may choose to change your status to pre-approved.  This will allow you to post at any time without going through the content approval process. In order for us to do this, your profile will need to be updated (see above).  You will be notified once this happens.
  6. All content contributors receive a Weekly Content Contributor Update email that provides you with stats to your most recent posted content.  You may change your subscription to this at any time. 


  • Your content must be appropriate for professionals working in the energy industry.  If it is targeted towards consumers it will not be approved.
  • Press releases for utilities may be posted or shared. Vendor press releases are considered promotional.  If you would like to promote a press release and you are a vendor, you can contact our client services team for package options at
  • You may work for a vendor and have valuable insights to share with the community.  You will be allowed to do so if your content is not promotional.  You can mention your company’s name, but you can’t promote a product or service. 

Highly commercial, promotional or advertising content will not be approved. 

If you want to reach Energy Central members with product and service information, please contact our client services team for options.  Or you may check out our on-line Media Kit

I look forward to seeing you in the network and working with you.  If you have any issues or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to your community team at

Audra C Drazga
VP of the Power Industry Network

Audra Drazga's picture

Thank Audra for the Post!

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Matt Chester's picture
Matt Chester on Jul 12, 2018 1:41 am GMT

Thanks for this explanation of how the TEC group is and isn't like the old TEC site. One big difference I note is that at the old TEC site, content was submitted and hosted on the site (but only after vetting and approval). However on the TEC group of Energy Central, it seems like content can now just be posted as link to the original source instead of rehosted-- am I correct in my understanding of that? If so, is there incentive or difference for a contributor who chooses to rehost their article on the TEC group vs. just linking to another webssite where it's already hosted?

I only ask because one of the things I liked about the old TEC site was that every article that was posted was either original or rehosted with approval from the editors that it was relevant and high-quality, but now the submissions might simply be links elsewhere and not necessarily vetted as closely.

Thanks again!


Herr U's picture
Herr U on Jul 15, 2018 2:42 pm GMT

A couple of things with the new site that is far inferior to the old site:

1) Excessive whitespace (that is, lots of dead space between articles, and lines, and when just hitting enter in the editor here (both for a new paragraph (two enter), and just as a natural way to break the flow of test (one enter))


2) No way to preview your comments before you post (nor can you resize this box that you type in)


3) No "reply"-button for comments, which means that it isn't conducive for discussions.


4) No formatting options specified? (Bold? Italics? Links? Does it allow allow "html-characters"? Will it comeptly trash a less-than-sign or a lone ampersand?)


And a few things that would be nice to have on this page:

I) Since lots of material basically just is the first couple of hundred characters and then a link - please provide a link directly from the homepage (say as "(direct)" right after the headline) directly to the content.


II) Please start adding for what region of the world a piece of news is. Even if this only is done as a tag. For instance, let's say there is an article about UETCL, how many of you would instantly know it? (It is the grid operator of Uganda)


III) Any object that haunts you (ie "elements that follows when scrolling"), give us a way to banish that, preferably both as a little "x"-button and as a user-setting (for logged in users). That little "hey, these are icons that does the same thing as cut-n-paste or ctrl+p"-box is very annoying).


Other than that I'm curious about if this will revert back to an nice information-dense site or turn into a run-of-the-mill site that focuses on "the experience". I hope for the former.

Audra Drazga's picture
Audra Drazga on Jul 16, 2018 3:28 pm GMT

1) For Matt - Content.  All content will still be vetted through a content approval process.  The process for submission is just different. We do allow shared links on the new site but always encourage original content. 

2) For Herr U - Thanks for all your feedback above.  The Energy Central Platform is still under heavy development.  You will probably notice changes on the site almost every week.  Also, the commenting functionality is high on our list!  I have shared your feedback with the development team.   I look forward to working with you and seeing you contributions on the site!

Rachael Lewis's picture
Rachael Lewis on Aug 7, 2018 4:45 pm GMT

As the Power Industry Network Coordinator, you can think of me as your personal concierge.  I am here to help. Contact me any time with questions or for posting assistance.

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