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Up-Size Your Solar: "You Want Energy Efficiency With That?"

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As Australia’s PV export tariffs continue to evaporate focusing on self consumption becomes crucial. And that means looking at how and when energy is used in homes and businesses.

All the energy efficiency gurus will tell you the same thing “Energy Efficiency is a no brainer, pays off quickly and is often really simple. But it’s intangible and a pretty long way from sexy. PV is tangible and sexy”. Therein lies just one of the reasons that millions of Australians have adopted PV but failed to embrace energy efficiency.

Over the years I’ve been involved in a number of projects that aimed to combine energy efficiency and PV to overcome this, and I know many others have and continue to do the same. Another challenge that has hampered us is that the cost of doing an in home audit properly is hard for some to justify and it’s why few companies offer domestically targeted services, instead focusing on commercial clients.

Its time for a Big Switch.

Energy efficiency industry stalwarts BigSwitchProjects recently invited me in to help train some of their up and coming auditors and have now launched a new residential support program, which by all accounts is already delivering results.

Some of the homes they have helped already include:

  • A house in Burraneer using five times the national average where they showed how to save $1,500 a year with outlay of only $150. (Smart inexpensive ideas do exist!)
  • A Clovelly house where they dissected their energy consumption and explained the abnormally high bills using the latest energy monitoring technology.
  • A Woollahra house spending $7,000 a year on electricity, where a 50% savings can be achieved through their tailored energy road map. (Payback on investment: under 3 years.)

I don’t know that it’s sexy yet, but its great to see someone targeting residential energy efficiency opportunities and getting results right out of the block.

Go ahead; up-size your PV and get some EE.

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Content Discussion

Bob Meinetz's picture
Bob Meinetz on October 6, 2013

Nigel, I’d argue that EE is considerably more sexy than PV – it works day or night, sunny or cloudy;  it’s entirely passive, and its maintenance is nil. In cost effectiveness, it beats PV hands down.

PV panels further the idea that the path to a better planet lies in buying more stuff. Though I’m sure many people consider these shiny badges offsets for their expensive and wasteful vacations in foreign countries, their value in self-esteem comes at a cost to the environment.