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NIMBYism NY Edition, or Risky Energy Near Major Cities

Forty miles north of New York City is the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant. I don’t care what you think of nuclear power, having an aging plant within forty miles of 20 million people isn’t the outcome of any rational policy decision.

Still, Indian Point’s impact so far pales in comparison with another genius planning move.

Jersey City, across the river from Manhattan, is home to the PSEG Hudson Generating Station, a coal plant that produces over 1.8 million tons of carbon dioxide, 58,000 tons of sulfuric acid, 1,500 tons of sulfur dioxide, and 50 lbs of mercury a year.

A tablespoon of mercury would poison the Hudson for good, and even smaller amounts will knock a few points off your kid’s IQ.

Indian Point started its operation in 1962. Hudson Generating Station followed in 1964. Is it too much to ask for policies that would prohibit either from celebrating its 50th anniversary?

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