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Infographic: Energy Harvesting in the Future Smart City

The possibilities of energy harvesting in the smart city of the future:

Welcome To Energy Harvesting
Source: Sagentia (Click on the image to enlarge)

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Jessee McBroom's picture
Jessee McBroom on October 27, 2013

This may seem a bit altruistic in concept; but it is all quite achievable. The rapid progress in Labs and Universities around the world is progressing in a Moore Law phenomena. I can actually envision and see a time in the near future where the “Smart Grid and major Centralized Electricsystems will be no more than back up fail safe systems for widely decentralized electric production as affordable alternatives to a grid system. The smarter the buildings cars and grid system; the better. Better efficiency will result and GHG reductions will be maximized.bI belueve cities will supply their own power for the most part; and the sprawling transcontinental grid systems will serve as emergency back up systems.