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This is Geothermal [VIDEO]

Geysir Iceland geothermal

Canada is the only country on the Pacific Ring of Fire that doesn’t use geothermal energy on a commercial scale. More than 30 years ago, B.C. was instructed to investigate geothermal as a cheaper, more environmentally friendly alternative to building mega hydro dams, such as the Site C dam on the Peace River — but that never happened.

DeSmog Canada’s Carol Linnitt recently travelled to Iceland to learn more about geothermal energy, how it’s used commercially and what potential Canada has to bring this renewable resource online.

Carol’s video has been viewed nearly 50,000 times in the past week. Check it out — and please consider sharing! (Music by Jon Luc Hefferman.)

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Mark Heslep's picture
Mark Heslep on June 8, 2016

Is this the place for promotional videos by public relations firms that show women at the spa? If so, then what’s to stop videos on ponies, also sponsored by those that are “by inclination a ski instructor”. There is a place for such things, but not in the same place as the”best thinkers on energy and climate”