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Australian Green Party's Christine Milne and Nuclear Cognitive Dissonance [VIDEO]

During Atomic Show #207, Ben Heard, the principal at Think Climate Consulting, described how he was going to be involved in a discussion later in the morning, his time, with Christine Milne, a leader of the Australian Green Party. Elections in Australia will occur within the next two weeks; energy and climate are important issues in the campaigns leading up to those elections. Through the magic of Google hangouts and YouTube archiving, I am able to share that Australian discussion with you. Don’t we live in a wonderful world; geographic limits are fading away.

As Ben expected, Ms. Milne gave him a wonderful opportunity to introduce the issue of nuclear energy into the discussion by her focus on climate change as an emergency that requires direct action along with her dismissal of any expansion of fossil fuel production.

Not surprisingly, she responded with a litany of the typical Green Party talking points, some of which Ben had the opportunity to rebut. Ben points out that taking powerful tools off of the table is not the way anyone should respond to something that they consider to be an emergency.

PS – For those of you who have been following my commentary about the fragility of the shale gas revolution (aka shale gas fad) in the US, please pay attention to how “coal seam gas” (CSG) is one of the big topics of discussion in Australia. That topic sounds so 1990s to my ears.

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