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Atomic Show #259: David Schumacher The New Fire Movie [PODCAST]

David Schumacher is a filmmaker who was inspired to learn more about nuclear energy at a Wired-sponsored event in 2011. That event took place soon after the Fukushima event captured widespread media attention.

To Listen to the Podcast, Please Click Here

During the Wired gathering, he heard Bill Gates talk about his investments in TerraPower and his excitement in being involved in the development of a technology that could help to address climate change, energy supplies, and economic inequalities. Given what he had heard in the media, he realized there was a significant disconnect between perception and reality.

He began an intensive self study effort to find out more. He read, spoke with experts and traveled to places where there was development activity underway.

By early 2015, David had learned enough about nuclear energy to realize that there was a story to tell that was not being told. He had met some “really smart” people who were convinced that there were improvements to be made in the technology that would go a long way in addressing many of the challenges that had slowed development.

He and his long time cameraman decided, over a coffee after a project completion, that it was time to begin working to tell that story.

The New Fire Movie is the product of that collaboration.

Though this is Dave’s first feature length documentary movie as the director, he has deep and broad experience in video production work and story telling. As he explains during our interview, the story of young, bright, energetic people doing really hard things goes way beyond typically dry debates and technical presentations.

It is a human story that should motivate, inspire and excite.

The world premier of The New Fire Movie is just two weeks away. It will be showing at 7:30 pm on Saturday, October 14 at the Heartland Film Festival in Indianapolis, IN.  Go to The Heartland Film Festival web site to order tickets.

Have a listen to find out more.

To Listen to the Podcast, Please Click Here

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