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The Energy Collective Group

This group brings together the best thinkers on energy and climate. Join us for smart, insightful posts and conversations about where the energy industry is and where it is going.

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Chief Climate Change Adviser, Shell International Ltd.

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Owner, Pierobon & Partners LLC

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Analyst, Writer, Researcher, Global Oil and Gas, Breaking Energy

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Owner, Positive Energy Systems

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Consultant, KSC International Ltd

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Research fellow, National Council or Research of Italy - Institute for Advanced Energy Technologies

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The Green New Deal: The Birth of a Notion

Will the Green New Deal overshadow other approaches for combatting climate change like a national carbon tax? Differences between center and left Congressional Dems exist. Can they be resolved without splitting the Party-like the Tea Party did to..

Energy Innovation

America’s first environmental law, the National Environmental Policy Act, was the result of escalating public demand for less pollution.  Enacted in1970, the “environmental magna carta” was soon followed by other laws defining a federal strategy..
Post - 3 days agoThe Energy Collective Group

Commentary: Why the Midwest should revive its carbon plan

The Midwest is the largest untapped American region in the fight against climate change. While many press announcements focus on California and the coasts, the real action is going to happen in the Midwest.
Post - 4 days agoThe Energy Collective Group

Atmosphere v. ocean heat content – tree v. forest

If the IPCC has discounted ocean heat by as much as 50%, how can anyone take their, any politician's or economist's pronouncements about climate policy seriously, ?
Post - 4 days agoThe Energy Collective Group

Clean Energy Innovation Policy: A 10-Point Action Plan for the 116th Congress

ITIF calls on the 116th Congress to take the following 10 actions to accelerate clean energy innovation immediately and lay the groundwork for more aggressive action in the future.

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