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Prospects for large-scale introduction of oxygen energy .


We have completed a series of articles on oxygen energy and the problems of world energy, but the publication of these articles has caused great interest and a lot of questions.

With this article we want to continue the topic of oxygen energy in terms of its prospects and the impact on the Earth’s ecology as a whole.


We constantly hear about the limited resources of fossil fuels, the proven reserves of which will be enough for humanity (while maintaining the level of consumption):

- uranium - for 30 years,

- oil - for 60 years,

- gas - for 100 years,

- coal - for 200 years ,

- timber s (renewable resource) - for 50 years, since this renewable resource is destroyed at the speed of locust.


These figures are constantly changing, but, in general, fossil energy resources will be enough for foolish humanity for 150 years, if this resource is distributed to all the inhabitants of the Earth, and not concentrated only for the richest.

By the way, the volume of reserves of fossil fuels does not play any role. If the level of consumption of fossil fuels is maintained for 50 years, then we will suffocate ourselves.


As we wrote earlier, if we consider the main types of energy generation that exist today, it becomes clear that a person, increasing his energy power due to their development, is digging a hole for himself, and condemning his descendants to death or genetic degeneration.


Yes, yes, dear ladies and gentlemen, grandchildren and children of those who are now reading this article will die from air and water pollution, from changing climatic conditions of life on Earth , from hunger and lack of drinking water.

And this will not happen in thousands and millions of years. No, it will happen in the course of your life, painful, but, fortunately, short.

And pay attention, these consequences will not be caused by natural disasters or aliens from space. The cause of this tragedy will be the governments of your countries and those corporations whose excessive appetites do not allow them to stop in their actions to extract and use fossil fuels.


But you are also to blame for this. Many of you are shareholders of such corporations and are interested in their maximum profits. In addition, most of you prefer to go for 1-2 kilometers to the store for a loaf of bread by car, instead of doing it on a bicycle or walking.


A group of American scientists, analyzing environmental problems , came to the conclusion that man is a cancer of the Earth. And they are right in their statement. All living organisms on Earth adapt to the natural conditions in the place of their existence, and only man adapts the environment for himself. And he does it with the most barbaric methods.

Well, in the ancient world or in the era of the Middle Ages, nature was still stronger than man and independently corrected his mistakes, but already 80 years ago nature lost the fight against human activity, and now it is no longer able to resist.


Natural disasters that periodically punish a person for his stupid activities are not caused by nature, but by the actions of man himself. On nature here can not be offended. It's like spitting against the wind .

As for the comparison of humanity with the cancer of the Earth, it is very accurate. Humanity, like a cancer tumor, is constantly expanding, absorbs the surrounding resources and will die along with the body it destroyed. And long before these same resources run out.


Today, many rich people talk about the need to colonize other planets in the solar system, and in the first place - the Moon and Mars. This is according to the principle - on Earth we have already made a mess of everything - now we are going to fly shit on Mars. Or else, we colonize the Moon or Mars for the elect, and ordinary people should live their lives on the dying Earth.


Fortunately, they will not succeed, and for this today there are many technical problems that will not allow in the near future to colonize other planets. Not yet mature. If you want to live, then you need to save your planet.

If readers would be interested to learn more about these problems, we will return to this in future articles, and now we will return to the problems of the Earth’s energy .


But, is the situation really as hopeless as described above ?

No, if we start correcting it immediately , and today we are at a critical point - either we all start to really correct this situation today, or the vast majority of us will die out. There will be only so many people whose activities the dying nature of the Earth can correct.


Today, the earth civilization annually consumes about 50 trillion kilowatt- hours for its needs - in the form of heat, fuel for transportation and electricity .

This is a lot, and given the growth in population and the industrialization of developing countries in 30 years, this figure could double. Now, compare it with fossil fuel reserves . Its reserves will be proportionally reduced, as well as the time allotted to humanity to the point of no return.


Now, let's compare the oxygen supply on Earth with the energy needs of humanity.

If all the oxygen from the Earth’s atmosphere is converted into a liquid state, then it will cover the entire planet with a layer of more than two meters. One percent of this mass of oxygen, even without its restoration, will be enough for all mankind to   1000   years while maintaining the level of energy consumption. Ocean waters contain oxygen in   2000   times more than the atmosphere, and terrestrial rocks even more. Oxygen is the most common element on Earth. In addition, oxygen, after its use in power plants, is completely restored by natural means.

Oxygen is the most common element on Earth.

And now let's try to imagine what benefits the large-scale introduction of oxygen energy offers on the whole Earth, except for those described in previous articles.


one). Reduced greenhouse effect and improved climate throughout the world.

2). Purification of air and water from harmful impurities.

3). The elimination of the threat of nuclear danger from the operation of nuclear power plants.

four). Strengthening of the ozone layer of the Earth , and as a result, protection from cosmic radiation .

five). Cessation of resource wars.

6). Restoration of forests as the main source of oxygen.

7). Sharp decrease in the cost of products.

In addition, oxygen energy technologies can be successfully applied in other directions.


For example:


- Many countries are landfills, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to fight this garbage. Of course, waste recycling plants are a very good solution to the problem of garbage, except that there is not enough capacity of such plants for all landfills . And there are perennial landfills that can not be recycled using sorting, how to deal with them?

With the help of oxygen energy technologies, you can create special machines for burning any garbage at a temperature of more than 3000 degrees, which ensures its almost complete burning. And such a machine can move through the dump, burning 2-3 tons of garbage per day.


- It is possible to create machines that will be able to lay cheap roads with hard surface without the use of consumables. Such a machine will be able to pick up the soil in front of it, melt it down and lay a path of such slabs behind itself. The easiest way to build such a road will be through the sandy desert.


- Fire - fighting vehicles, which can be created on the basis of using some oxygen energy technologies , are able to extinguish fires of any complexity at a distance of up to 3000 meters and at an altitude of up to 1500 meters and are absolutely safe for their crews.

Moreover, in California in 2018, more than 20,000 people and more than 1,000 units of special equipment fought fires, and this struggle continued for more than six months. The proposed fire-fighting complexes in the amount of 50 pieces would be able to put out all the fires in California in 10 days and even in 12 hours, depending on the type of extinguishing agent used.

How do you like this comparison?

But here we are talking about saving human lives, which in this fire alone lost more than two hundred.


- Imagine if an oxygen power plant is installed on a ship with electric motors. Such a ship will not require any fuel and will not pollute the environment; it will become completely autonomous. And besides, such oxygen energy blocks can be installed on trains and on cargo electric vehicles.


- Self-contained oxygen power station can be built on each energy consuming manufacturing, steel, chemicals, aluminum, pharmacological, cement, automotive, plastics production. By reducing energy costs, these products will become more competitive in the market.

- New energy-intensive technologies, such as blockchain or Hyperloop, an ambitious project Elon Musk finally - to get something and so the necessary energy at any point on the globe. Solar panels are not veryefficient in northern latitudes.


Our technology makes it possible to produce both mobile power plants with a capacity from 1 MW to 8 MW and stationary 80-1100 MW, which can be modularly equipped with up to 10 GW. For example, an oxygen plant with a capacity of 1 MW can easily fit into two 40-foot containers, the area for an oxygen power plant with a capacity of 1 MW takes up to 100 square meters .


The cost of generating electricity from such a source will be about $ 0.01 per 1 kWh.

The cost of electricity for the final consumer, taking into account the supply of energy and sufficient profitability of the manufacturer, will be about 0.03 USD per 1 kWh, which is on average 5 times lower than other types of electricity generation.


The cost of producing oxygen for generating electricity when mass-producing such power plants is about $ 1,000 per 1 kW of power plant, which is 3 times cheaper than coal generation, 5 times cheaper than nuclear, and 10 times cheaper. than producing solar electricity.


Full-scale introduction of oxygen energy technologies can change the whole world for the better and most importantly we will be able to provide affordable energy for the most backward and poor people .

But this is only if you do not give this technology to the management of the governments of "democratic and developed" countries and global corporations , otherwise they will force all of us to pay for the air.


Until next time, ladies and gentlemen.

Think about what you read in this and previous articles.


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Thank Aleksandr for the Post!

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Matt Chester's picture
Matt Chester on May 20, 2019 11:41 pm GMT

Aleksandr-- I'm emboldened by your enthusiasm, but I'm not terribly clear myself on what an oxygen power plant is. Could you possibly post a link to studies being done on this energy source or point to where it's being developed? I'd love to learn more

Aleksandr Kostrytskyi's picture
Aleksandr Kostrytskyi on May 21, 2019 6:22 pm GMT


Oxygen power plant - alternative source of energy


This document provides brief description of completely new alternative power source technology that is able to produce heat, mechanical or electric energy. It uses oxygen, which is inexhaustible, renewable and absolutely available, as a power source.


At present there are some projects of experimental 1-20 MW/h oxygen power plants. It cost 19-95 million dollars and its terms of realization are 3-4,5 years.


In the long run, if put oxygen power plants in mass production their capacity could be 200 MW/h per unit. If it is necessary to generate large amount of energy in one place, several units could be set.

1. Oxygen power plant general information

This setting is an original heat engine, which is used as fuel atmospheric oxygen. In operation this machine there are those moments that are worth paying attention to:

1. In this heat engine is no of combustion process (oxidation) of fuel like in ordinary motors, though the foundation of its work also serves as a thermal process.

2. The oxygen heat engine temperature thermal process provided by transformation of oxygen to produce heat which is converted into useful work. At the outlet of this heat engine stands hot transformed oxygen, which, mixing with the surrounding air, completely restored. Thus, the operation of such heat engine not harmful the environment. Thus does not remain any of waste that needs recycling.

3. Oxygen heat engine uses to generate a certain amount of energy is almost the same amount of oxygen that any existing heat engine, but without the use of fossil fuels.

4. The amount of oxygen in the atmosphere exceeds 1,5×1015t and if we assume that all Earth civilization has completely passed on to the oxygen power, over hundred years through heat engines would pass less than 1% of all the oxygen from the oxygen that is in the Earth's atmosphere.

In view of the oxygen reserve in the World Ocean that are more than a thousand times greater than the reserves of atmospheric oxygen, the oxygen would be the ideal fuel even without its recovery.

5. The ecological situation on Earth threatens not spending her oxygen but atmospheric pollution of hydrocarbon fuel by oxidation products that are thrown by existing thermal machines.

6. Here the oxygen is completely free fuel available in any corner of the world and in any quantity. Consequently, such power plants may be located close to the energy consumers for power supply which they are intended.

7. Cost of energy produced such power plants is very low and is in the range of $ 0.01 per 1 kW / h.

8. Cost of manufacturing (construction) of such power plants is very low and is in the range $ 800-900 per 1 kW of effective power, which is 2-5 times lower than that other types of power plants.

9. Finally, a specific power of the power plant is similar to or higher than that in nuclear power plants, and in hundreds times higher than that in other alternative energy sources - wind, helium and other stations.


2. Oxygen power plant, technical information


Oxygen power plant a complicated heat engine, which uses as its fuel oxygen or exact - some of its physical properties. Such a device equipped with a system of extraction of oxygen from the atmosphere, which makes the production of oxygen is much simpler and much cheaper than to receive it from the water.

Such power plants can operate on the water, but their construction is more complex. Are under way the same operation, which in the long term, may lead to the use of such plants also in motor vehicles.


Oxygen power plant consists of a set of units designed to perform various operational functions:


1. Oxygen plant produces oxygen from the atmosphere, providing the power of the power plant with oxygen in a continuous-flow mode.

2. Oxygen reactor ensures the implementation of the transformation of oxygen  by controlled reaction for produce heat, and makes the process fully automatic. The reactor also provides its own protection against overheating due to dissipated heat within the reactor wandering.

3. Thermobaric stabilize complex workflow to reduce the huge pressure and temperature of the process of transformation of oxygen to a level suitable for use in the final power units. It may also change the chemical composition of the high temperature of the gas entering from the reactor to the final energy or power unit.

4. The final energy or power unit enables heat energy set or convert it into mechanical or electrical energy. The final powertrain oxygen power plant may be a steam-gas turbine or reciprocating engine, external combustion, which are designed to perform useful work.


In this case, the process of "burning" oxygen as fuel is produced in a rather complicated thermal units - oxygen reactor - a product of activity of which is used in steam power plants, gas turbine or reciprocating engine with the original design of automatically changes the operating parameters and a set of auxiliary systems. Products "burning" of such powertrains, released into the atmosphere, almost non-toxic that make these energy sources are ecologically pure.


The characteristic feature of the oxygen of the power plant is the fact that during use as a power plant, it can operate in fully automatic mode and self-adjust to the changes in the load connected to it, maintaining the desired frequency current. At the same load variations can be changed even a factor of 10 - the plant will uninterrupted, consistently and with maximum efficiency, as with the load change will change in proportion to the working capacity of the plant.


Another feature of such electrical or thermal power plant is its possibility manufacture in a mobile version (on heavy vehicles) at what the opportunity is saved for stations with a capacity of 3-5 MW. This allows, in case of any emergencies quickly and effectively provide affected areas with heat and electric power.


Approximate cost of the energy generated by this plant is less than $ 0.01 per 1 kW / h, and its a summary costs of the plant for the entire period of  its exploitation, divided by the total amount of energy generated by it for the time of its operation. These summary costs include the cost of the power plant and replaceable working elements to it and the cost of plant’s services for the entire period of its operation (up to full deterioration). At the same, the greater the capacity of a power plant, the cheaper is the energy generated by the station.


Below is a schematic diagram an oxygen power plant.

A similar plant operating in continuous-flow mode, is capable of removing oxygen from the atmosphere, "burn" it by means of catalytic reactions and, at the same time producing useful energy three times more than required for its work.


3. Conclusion


Oxygen power plant is an alternative power unit that is able to generate absolutely pure heat, mechanical or electric power. Therefore, such power plants can be located close to houses or industrial facilities to provide energy for them. Moreover, it requires no expensive power lines which can be easily damaged by various internal and external factors: overload of power lines, terrorist acts, natural disasters.


We can solve this problem by developing power sources of new generation that are several time effective than its modern analogs. Countries that use these technologies can develop many areas of industry such as, power and mechanical engineering industry.


Wide oxygen power plants usage can lower or even make useless hydrocarbon and nuclear power sources that generate heat and electric power. Also, oxygen power plants are more powerful and profitable than other kinds of power sources like, wind power, hydropower, solar power sources and others.


The development of oxygen power sources makes investments of various countries in existing or planned energy projects like, building of new power plants, new oil and gas field development, useless.


This project can not only solve various global problems of our civilization, but it can also be very useful for all project participants.


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