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Broadening the Purpose of Renewable Energy Abroad

Authored by Scott Cramer, President and CEO of Go Solar Group.

A Ugandan child sits in his room, craning his neck upward and fixing his eyes upon the inextinguishable light radiating from the lightbulb atop his desk, revealing a gaze  as emboldened as it is impassioned by the mind behind it. “I feel like I’m looking up into heaven,” he remarks. He knows he’s inside his room with a roof above his head, but no longer feels he can be kept inside anything.

His experience is now shared by many other children and families in Uganda, and Go Solar International is the company behind it.   

Go Solar Group's story began in 2009 as a non-profit focused on solar initiatives in Zambia and Uganda before splitting the company into two different businesses: One for residential solar in Utah (which has since also expanded into Reno, Nevada) and one to maintain Jensen and Cramer’s founding vision of energy independence and educational opportunity abroad. To date, Go Solar International has provided 4,417,345 hours of extra child study time to Ugandan children.

Go Solar International’s founding purpose ranks among the most unique and practical applications of solar power. For every home solar installation completed in Reno, Nevada and Utah (Go Solar Group’s current commercial markets in America), the equivalent is contributed in Ugandan shillings for a home solar system via Go Solar International, which equates to enormous impact for what equates to only $100 USD in expenses.

For the full story, check out Go Solar Group’s blog.

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Audra Drazga on April 25, 2018

Thanks for sharing your post as part of our earth day special issue.