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Customer Care Professionals Group

This special interest group is where customer care professionals share tactics on how utilities are improving interactions with their customers. 

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John — 39 posts

President Egan Energy Communications

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Ann — 13 posts

Formerly Mission and Brand Manager KSV

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Patty — 8 posts

President & CEO Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative (SECC)

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Noelle — 7 posts

Client Engagement Specialist KSV

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Jamie — 5 posts


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Tucker — 5 posts

Manager KSV

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Debbie joined 5 days ago

Customer Operations Technology Specialist Omaha Public Power District

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Nitika joined 6 days ago

Manager, Customer Success Smart Energy Water

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Fay joined 1 week ago

Consultant Aletheia Energy LLC

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Tim joined 1 week ago

Business Development Consultant Ibex Digital

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Mohammd Reza joined 1 week ago

Research Assistant West Virginia University

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Thomas joined 2 weeks ago

General Sales Manager US Energy Solutions

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Your Utility’s PR Department Should Be Befriending Web/Online Editors

The online versions of print publications should be an area targeted by your utility's public relations department as a possible location for various placements of news and opinion. The bar tends to be lower there.

Keys to Good Utility Writing are Confidence, Being Yourself

There are two ways to the make the writing you do for your utility shine: Be confident in what you write and be yourself -- let your personality show through to some extent.

What to Do, and Not to Do, When Writing a News Release

A primary responsibility of the communicator drafting a news release is to sift through complexity and find the theme or two that aligns with the organization’s brand and prioritizes key messages.

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