Posted By: Rafael Herzberg - Partner, Interact Ltd., Energy Consulting
On: March 10, 2016
The Brazilian people are becoming aware of the crisis . * As the world prospers, Brazil is in a recession * Our inflation is a lot higher than the emerging and developed countries. *  Unemployment decreased in the world and here, increases strongly * The per capita income fell, while most  more...
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Posted By: Rafael Herzberg - Partner, Interact Ltd., Energy Consulting
On: February 26, 2016
I live in the largest city in Latin America: São Paulo (Brazil). This February, our neighborhood (about 300 homes, a hospital, two country clubs, etc) had no power for 40 hours. On the second day, when the head of AES (the local distribution company), indicated that his team would return  more...
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Posted By: Ferdinand E. Banks
On: December 16, 2015
Many years ago, interrupting my return from Sydney to Stockholm, I stopped in Brisbane (Australia) to give a half-dozen amateur and half-baked lectures on environmental economics. In my mathematical economics classes in Sydney I usually walked up to the podium or whiteboard with a smile on my face, ready and  more...
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Posted By: Rafael Herzberg - Partner, Interact Ltd., Energy Consulting
On: September 21, 2015
Industrial, commercial and institutional energy users complain about the high regulated rates granted by ANEEL to the utility companies. The power bills have increased considerably with respect to the total operating costs. The government will argue (following the significant devaluation of the real against the hard currencies) that our rates  more...
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Posted By: Nishant Jain - Lead Analyst - Energy & Sustainability, Beroe Consulting
On: July 31, 2015
Indian parliament has tabled Electricity Amendment Bill 2014 to simplify the implementation of Open Access in India Power Industry. In an attempt towards optimizing electricity supply chain, Open Access provision allows customers with demand of 1 MW or more to access T&D lines with associated fee paid. And customer is  more...
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Posted By: Harry Valentine - Commentator/Researcher, Chatila/Menoz
On: May 27, 2015
The recent thaw in American - Cuban relations opens possibilities for co-operation in such areas as energy, initiatives that may spread to include several other Caribbean nations. A relatively short distance across the shallow Florida Strait and Nicholas Channel allows for possible future installation of several pairs of undersea power  more...
Posted By: Tim Emrich - CEO, UK Power Reserve
On: March 5, 2015
‘Mind the gap’ is a phrase that will be wearily familiar to Londoners and many others throughout the UK. However, the few inches between the train and the platform aren’t the most dangerous gap this winter. The capacity gap between UK power generation and demand has never been so narrow.  more...
Posted By: Jason Thomas - Energy Consultant, Electricity Scout
On: January 22, 2015
In a special report released recently as part of its annual World Energy Outlook, the International Energy Association stated that despite high-profile initiatives to invest and develop energy in Sub-Saharan Africa, there will still be more than half a billion people without power by 2040. Currently, less than one-third of  more...
Posted By: David Iwinski Jr. - Managing Director, Blue Water Growth
On: December 17, 2014
U.S. energy companies looking for investors or to sell should be looking to China, where investors are waiting with cash in hand to make deals with U.S. businesses. China's "Go Out" policy, first spelled out in its tenth five-year plan (2001-05) is a key national policy that encourages Chinese businesses  more...
Posted By: Mukul Sarkar - Manager, Centre of Excellence for Energy Utility, Capgemini
On: December 16, 2014
Abstract: In post RAPDRP scenario where Indian utilities are raising their concerns on “Aggregate Technical & Commercial loss” figures for different towns, feeders and distribution transformers, this paper reveals the main issues/challenges involved in the methodology of determination of AT&C loss and recommends certain specific improvement points to overcome those  more...

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