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By Rafael Herzberg
On: March 10, 2016
The Brazilian people are becoming aware of the crisis. more...
By Rafael Herzberg
On: February 26, 2016
I live in the largest city in Latin America: Sao Paulo (Brazil). This February, our neighborhood (about 300 homes, a hospital, two country clubs, etc) had no power for 40 hours. more...
By Ferdinand E. Banks
On: December 16, 2015
Many years ago, interrupting my return from Sydney to Stockholm, I stopped in Brisbane (Australia) to give a half-dozen amateur and half-baked lectures on environmental economics. more...
By Rafael Herzberg
On: September 21, 2015
Industrial, commercial and institutional energy users complain about the high regulated rates granted by ANEEL to the utility companies. The power bills have increased considerably with respect to the total operating costs. more...
By Nishant Jain
On: July 31, 2015
Indian parliament has tabled Electricity Amendment Bill 2014 to simplify the implementation of Open Access in India Power Industry. more...

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