Leveraging Mesh Connected Grid Routers for Distribution Automation Optimization

Webcast - Wednesday Mar 4, 2015 - 12:00 PM Eastern - Virtual Event

While the use of unlicensed mesh-radio technologies in the ISM band has become an increasingly more common way to establish a communications infrastructure to support Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) there are a number of aspects of these networks that warrant additional considerations and design requirements when they are used in Distribution Automation (DA) applications. As more and more IP-connected devices enter the energy industry, the focus will become centered on managing an Internet of Things (IoT) throughout the utility enterprise. more...

Best Practices for Demand Management Program Design

Webcast - Thursday Mar 26, 2015 - 12:00 PM Eastern - Virtual Event

Executing a successful demand response, energy efficiency, or customer engagement program can be a complex endeavor. You need to make sure your program includes the right incentives to get the right number of participants and the right amount of load. more...

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PVNO - An innovative mobile M2M communications solution

Conference Wednesday Mar 11, 2015 - London United Kingdom

Smart Cities – Exhibition and Conference for South-East Europe

Trade Show Wednesday Mar 11, 2015 - Friday Mar 13, 2015 - Sofia 1784 Bulgaria

How Energy Companies and Operators Can be Transfixed Across Borders?

Conference Thursday Mar 12, 2015 - London United Kingdom

World Green Energy Symposium

Conference Thursday Mar 12, 2015 - Washington, DC - USA

Next-Generation Defense Energy Symposium

Conference Tuesday Mar 17, 2015 - Wednesday Mar 18, 2015 - Arlington, VA - USA

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