Posted By: James Mater , Jim Zuber , Rolf Bienert
On: November 24, 2014
Let's begin under the premise that you (end-user, utility, aggregator, etc.) want to acquire technology from different vendors, specify the communications interface between products and have all such products install and work together easily and quickly (similar to adding a new printer to your PC - sometimes it's called "plug  more...
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Posted By: Brian O'Connell - Director of Global Business Development, TE Connectivity Broadband Networks
On: October 29, 2014
An urban area that creates sustainable economic development and high quality of life along with a wise management of natural resources requires investment in infrastructure and technology. Such smart cities will rely on networks of sensors in everything from parking spaces to heating and cooling systems. And while most of  more...
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Posted By: Michelle Goldsmith
On: October 7, 2014
Disruptive technologies, or disruptive innovations, are those technological advances that fundamentally change a market or industry, often by displacing an existing technology.   The history of innovation is one of disruption, and many of the devices and technologies we take for granted and use every day were once considered disruptive.  more...
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Posted By: Steve Driver - Managing Partner, DXSTRO
On: September 17, 2014
Geographic remoteness and poor connectivity mean many electricity generators encounter issues when attempting to keep remote sites or workers up-to-date with essential data. Although the increasing pervasiveness of broadband fixed and wireless networks has made physical proximity to the central office much less important than it was, the fact remains  more...
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Posted By: Kai Hui - Chief Technology Officer, Bit Stew Systems Inc.
On: August 5, 2014
A utility with two million smart meters in the field is inundated with approximately 750 million data elements each day - that's almost twice as many data elements as there are tweets floating around the global Twittersphere on a daily basis. So it's inevitable for a utility with a newly  more...
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Posted By: Harry Stephens - President and CEO, DATAMATX
On: June 6, 2014
Almost every company today has access to considerable quantities of sensitive information regarding their customers. As a result, it has become critical to have the proper controls in place that fully protect customer data and company information. Even the slightest data breach can lead to irreparable damage to a company's  more...
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Posted By: Warren B. Causey - President & CEO, Warren B. Causey, Ltd.
On: May 5, 2014
It really hasn't been long that utilities have been installing ever larger and more sophisticated (and expensive) software systems--CIS, ERP, Work Management, Outage Management, MDM, Call Centers, Telecom, etc. Technology has exploded in slightly more than 20 years and software systems for utilities have gotten larger and larger and more  more...
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Posted By: Arun Krishnamurthi - Vice President, Wipro
On: April 22, 2014
Modern energy and utility companies are becoming vulnerable in ways they are not familiar with: via cyber-attacks. A Symantec report in January said that in the first half of 2013, energy was the fifth most targeted sector worldwide. It experienced 7.6 per cent of all cyber-attacksi. During the same period,  more...
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Posted By: Ashish Kumar Das , Ketan Puri
On: March 26, 2014
Consumer is the most important stakeholder in smart metering program and consumer engagement is utmost important for successful value delivery. The operational efficiency in a utility company has gained much importance in recent times. Customers have become more demanding without compromising the reliability and quality of service. Competition among utilities  more...
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Posted By: David Pope - Advanced Analytics, SAS
On: March 18, 2014
Analytics can deliver on the promise of new opportunities by revealing the insights needed to successfully pursue them. Customer-centric utilities need analytics for better targeting, higher response rates and improved campaign ROI. If you need to manage 2 million records with 400 different variables to test against that data, inadequate  more...
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