Posted By: Michael Assante - Co-founder and Chief Security Strategist, NexDefense
On: February 10, 2015
As the world continues its transition into a digital landscape, we are cautioned by the proliferation of cyber incidents capturing headlines. Today’s cyber attacks are causing more damage and are increasingly being referred to as highly sophisticated and able to circumvent well-resourced cybersecurity programs.  This challenge is starting to present  more...
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Posted By: Jason Larson - Principal Security Consultant, IOActive
On: January 21, 2015
While Industrial Control System (ICS) vendors are quite practiced at finding and fixing implementation bugs, many have minimal experience with design bugs. In the near future, we can expect the attacker community to leverage this weakness, as it did with earlier technologies. Therefore, ICS vendors must begin focusing better on  more...
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Posted By: Steve Ehrlich - Senior Vice President, Marketing and Product Management, Space-Time Insight
On: January 12, 2015
Security Everywhere We expect utility services to be everywhere we are: charging our electronics in airports, flame-grilling our meals in restaurants, and filling drinking fountains in our public parks. To provide this level of service and convenience, utilities build networks of wires and pipes and communications channels that for the  more...
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Posted By: Gordon Feller - Director, Global HQ, Cisco
On: December 3, 2014
There's much debate about the potential value of the Internet of Things (IoT). But what is it really? IoT is the intelligent connectivity of smart devices, expected to drive massive gains in efficiency, sustainable growth and quality of life. In other words, when objects can sense each other and communicate,  more...
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Posted By: Joyce Tam - Product Marketing Strategist, Trimble Field Service Management
On: December 2, 2014
When a public works truck recently broke down in blizzard conditions during snow removal in a suburb of Boston, dispatchers knew exactly where to find the vehicle. That's because the public works department uses fleet management with telematics that tracks the progress of their fleet and crew in the field.  more...
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Posted By: James Mater , Jim Zuber , Rolf Bienert
On: November 24, 2014
Let's begin under the premise that you (end-user, utility, aggregator, etc.) want to acquire technology from different vendors, specify the communications interface between products and have all such products install and work together easily and quickly (similar to adding a new printer to your PC - sometimes it's called "plug  more...
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Posted By: Brian O'Connell - Director of Global Business Development, TE Connectivity Broadband Networks
On: October 29, 2014
An urban area that creates sustainable economic development and high quality of life along with a wise management of natural resources requires investment in infrastructure and technology. Such smart cities will rely on networks of sensors in everything from parking spaces to heating and cooling systems. And while most of  more...
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Posted By: Michelle Goldsmith
On: October 7, 2014
Disruptive technologies, or disruptive innovations, are those technological advances that fundamentally change a market or industry, often by displacing an existing technology.   The history of innovation is one of disruption, and many of the devices and technologies we take for granted and use every day were once considered disruptive.  more...
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Posted By: Steve Driver - Managing Partner, DXSTRO
On: September 17, 2014
Geographic remoteness and poor connectivity mean many electricity generators encounter issues when attempting to keep remote sites or workers up-to-date with essential data. Although the increasing pervasiveness of broadband fixed and wireless networks has made physical proximity to the central office much less important than it was, the fact remains  more...
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Posted By: Kai Hui - Chief Technology Officer, Bit Stew Systems Inc.
On: August 5, 2014
A utility with two million smart meters in the field is inundated with approximately 750 million data elements each day - that's almost twice as many data elements as there are tweets floating around the global Twittersphere on a daily basis. So it's inevitable for a utility with a newly  more...
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