Repower Implements Allegro Energy Trading and Risk Management Platform

Allegro Development - 06.15.2010

Allegro Development, the leading provider of energy trading and risk management (ETRM) solutions, announced today that Repower (formerly Räetia Energie) has completed the successful deployment of Emissions 8.1, a newly released component within the Allegro 8 platform. Allegro provides Repower a centralized solution to effectively trade, track, and manage the inventory of carbon commodities and financial positions across its emissions portfolio. With Emissions 8.1, Repower has the ability to rapidly capture sophisticated trades and manage all related data, including attributes such as phase, vintage, and national registries. Allegro’s fully integrated platform enables complete inventory management with the ability to track certificate allocations, bilateral trades, options, and surrender of certificates. Repower can now create forward curves, run valuation and Mark-to-Market (MtM) in real-time, and generate Profit & Loss reports for improved risk management. Allegro’s advanced metrics and position transparency can be leveraged for optimal decision making and enable the company to generate accurate reports for compliance with increasing regulatory requirements.

“We were using disparate systems and time-consuming spreadsheets to manage our various business processes,” said Silvio Stengler, Head of Trading, Repower. “With activity in many different aspects of the energy value chain, we were having difficulty getting real visibility into our portfolio and consolidated risk. We chose Allegro 8 for the completeness of the solution and the efficiency it brings to our operations.”

Repower is currently implementing additional Allegro 8 functionality around power, natural gas, credit management, and simulation capabilities, which will give Repower a single platform to manage the company’s complex trading operations across multiple commodities, locations, and trading floors throughout Europe. Among the many benefits of Allegro 8, Repower will gain:

• A flexible and scalable platform that can easily grow as the company executes on an aggressive expansion plan

• Improved efficiency with business process optimization

• Credit limit management

• The ability to apply effective hedging strategies

Repower is an international energy company based in Switzerland with operations throughout Italy, Germany, and Central and Eastern Europe. The company operates along the entire power lifecycle, from trading, production, transmission and distribution to sales. With power plants in Switzerland, Italy and Germany, Repower also trades electricity throughout Europe and supplies energy to thousands of customers, both directly and through electricity resellers.

About Allegro

Allegro is a global leader in commodity trading & risk management solutions for power and gas utilities, refiners, producers, commodity traders, and commodity consumers. With more than 26 years of deep industry expertise, our enterprise platform drives profitability and efficiency across front, middle, and back offices, while managing the complex logistics associated with physical commodities. Allegro provides customers with superior solutions to manage risk across gas, power, coal, crude, petroleum, agricultural, emissions, and other commodity markets, allowing decision makers to hedge and execute with confidence. Allegro has recently been recognized as the Energy Risk Software House of the Year and received The Energy Business Awards Gold Award for Excellence. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Allegro has offices in Calgary, Houston, London, Singapore and Zurich, along with a global network of partners.

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