Posted By: Joyce Tam - Product Marketing Strategist, Trimble Field Service Management
On: September 15, 2014
The increased integration of machine to machine (M2M) technology is providing the field service industry with excellent opportunities to offer new services and increase revenue, while enhancing the overall quality of the customer experience. M2M links devices through wired and wireless connections to collect, transmit and store data. For instance,  more...
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Posted By: Tom Hulsebosch - Leader, Energy & Utilities and Sustainability practices, West Monroe Partners
On: September 4, 2014
Co-author Tricia Anklan   Utilities face increasing pressure from stakeholders and communities to improve their financial performance and profitability by minimizing write-offs for uncollectible accounts. West Monroe Partners recently benchmarked clients to identify best practices used to improve utility collections performance. While collections performance is highly measurable, visible, and actionable,  more...
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Posted By: Andres Carvallo - Founder and CEO, CMG
On: September 3, 2014
Co-Author: George Koutitas (PhD), CEO of Gridmates Smart Grid 3.0 (or SG3) 1 is considered a user-centric power grid that allows end-users to hold an active participatory role in the network and potentially in the retail energy market. SG3 will have all the necessary foundations for novel business models and  more...
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Posted By: Gary Brooks - CMO, Urjanet
On: August 19, 2014
For decades, multi-facility organizations have struggled with the frustrating task of collecting data from their disparate utility providers. With all the talk about big data, going green, sustainability and reducing energy costs, you'd think it would be easier than ever for organizations to access the energy data they need to  more...
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Posted By: Alex Dzurick - Energy Educator, Columbia Water & Light
On: August 4, 2014
In this world of rising fuel prices, climate change and environmental awareness, the energy sector is under pressure to be a catalyst for change. Sometimes it may feel like we’re being asked to be superheroes and save the world from all of its problems. It’s a lofty goal, but I  more...
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Posted By: Matthew Taylor - Energy Consultant, The Wasmer Company
On: July 29, 2014
Your future customers are smart. They have become more and more educated as retail industries have grown and adapted a more transparent type of business model. In fact, 56% of Americans now do extensive research about the companies they choose to buy from. The consumer of today is not only  more...
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Posted By: Dinesh Rajan - Partner, Smart Metering and Smart Grids, Wipro Technologies
On: July 1, 2014
Competitive Electricity retailers better start taking a leaf from the mobile service provider's book on churn management. Customers living in a world where they can get a free handset and $50 cash back for signing up a new mobile service provider are not going to look at Electricity and In  more...
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Posted By: Sarah Battaglia - Energy Consultant, Energy Curtailment Specialists, Inc.
On: June 20, 2014
When trying to decipher the label on a box of light bulbs, you could become so frustrated your teeth start to grind and your eyes begin to protrude.  If you're new to the lighting labels, they can be confusing, but fear not!  We're here to teach you the lingo and  more...
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Posted By: Dr. Dale Skeen - Co-founder, Author, Vitria
On: June 9, 2014
In an increasingly competitive and complex business environment, energy companies are looking for ways to better manage multiple systems and touch points to provide exceptional service to both current and prospective customers. They need better end-to-end real-time visibility into business processes so that they can immediately remediate "at jeopardy" processes  more...
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Posted By: Sarah Battaglia - Energy Consultant, Energy Curtailment Specialists, Inc.
On: April 24, 2014
You're familiar with the situation.  You go to the store to replace a couple light bulbs that burnt out and you're faced with an entire aisle of options: incandescents, LEDs, CFLs, halogens.  Which one do you buy?  There are many factors that will influence your decision, but you'll probably go  more...
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How Utilities Can Mitigate Collections Risk

Tuesday Sep 30, 2014 - 1:00 PM Eastern - Virtual Event

For any utility, managing collections risk effectively is vital to the business. At the center of this, is the customer who’s satisfaction level is impacted by bill payment requests, shut-offs and reconnects. How can utilities operate with less risk, adhere more...

Is Your Utility Part of Your Customer's "Digital Life?"

Thursday Oct 2, 2014 - 12:00 PM Eastern - Virtual Event

Utilities play an important role in a customer's life and yet they have not made the leap to be part of their customer's "digital life" - with an average of only 15% receiving their utility bills electronically. more...

8th Rocky Mountain Utility Efficiency Exchange

Wednesday Sep 24, 2014 - Friday Sep 26, 2014 - Aspen, Colorado - USA

Rocky Mountain Utility Efficiency Exchange (formerly Colorado Utility Efficiency Exchange) facilitates a networking and professional development conference for staff representatives of energy and water utilities serving Colorado and neighboring states who are responsible for developing and implementing customer programs related more...

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