Posted By: Joyce Tam - Product Marketing Strategist, Trimble Field Service Management
On: February 24, 2015
With so many advanced tools now available to fine-tune operations, utility organizations with a field service workforce have reached an unprecedented transformative stage. By leveraging technology trends such as the Internet of Things, advanced analytics and smartphone and tablet integration, these organizations are reinventing themselves as predictive, rather than reactive,  more...
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Posted By: Alex Dzurick - Energy Educator, Columbia Water & Light
On: February 19, 2015
With all the talk of educational reform these days, not too much is certain in a K-12 science classroom anymore. One thing that is certain: teachers are finding less and less time for what are now “extras,” like guest speakers. This can present a problem for you, the energy guru,  more...
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Posted By: Justin Segall - President and Founder, Simple Energy
On: February 6, 2015
There is a day every month that people receive a mystery bill from their utilities. It includes unknown items like Transmission Cost Adjustment, Interstate Pipeline, Demand Side Management Cost, confusing charts with no units or kWh and therms. What am I actually paying for? How can I lower this bill?  more...
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Posted By: Dean Schiller , Stephen Johnson
On: January 5, 2015
Engaged customers represent the Promised Land for utilities facing a myriad of business and regulatory pressures. They enable more effective demand-response and efficiency programs, which achieve regulatory goals. Today, utilities are still struggling to crack the code for effective customer engagement. The good news is that utilities have already deployed  more...
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Posted By: Eric Leiserson - Senior Research Analyst, Fiserv
On: December 9, 2014
Moving customers away from the paper bill and onto electronic bill (e-bill) presentment delivery is a challenge for utility organizations. More and more, customers are receptive to the e-bill in place of the paper bill, but persuading them to make the switch and change their established finance routine is easier  more...
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Posted By: Sarah Battaglia - Copywriter, NRG Business
On: December 5, 2014
There's a hot, new scandal happening in the utility industry that you're going to want to avoid. Customers across the country are reporting utility imposters who try to forcefully clean out their bank accounts. Dangling the threat of shutting off gas and electric if immediate payment is not received, these  more...
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Posted By: Kimberly Klemm
On: December 4, 2014
Customer engagement is crucial for any successful business. Marketing, customer service, and business mobility are all vehicles used to create customer loyalty, satisfaction, and interaction that will increase productivity. The critical point of view for successful customer engagement for the vendor is that customer engagement is not only customer participation-  more...
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Posted By: Sarah Battaglia - Copywriter, NRG Business
On: November 21, 2014
Ripping open a heating bill during the height of the holiday season is worse than unraveling a string of twinkle lights. Since when does it cost more to heat a 600-square-foot apartment than it does to feed a family of eight? Alright, that may be a bit of an exaggeration,  more...
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Posted By: Marie Bahl McKenna - As Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Tendril
On: October 27, 2014
As you've heard me say previously, a key tenet of the emerging energy-as-a-service model is consumer centricity. I can hear the resounding 'Duh!' from utility employees far and wide. Not to mention the colorful dialog around the water cooler wondering how I could position something as "new" that is obviously  more...
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Posted By: Shira Weintraub - Marketing Program Manager, Urjanet
On: October 24, 2014
Most companies engage in manual data entry in some form. One area manual data entry is prevalent is energy management. Although it is essentially ubiquitous, the process consists of an abundance of glaring inefficiencies. The reason manual data entry has infiltrated most organizations is that, up until a few years  more...
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