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PUC questions Invenergy about need for new power plant in Burrillville

By Alex Kuffner, The Providence Journal, R.I. - Invenergy argues that its proposed natural-gas-burning power plant in Burrillville is sorely needed because a host of older generating facilities in New England have closed down in recent years, are scheduled to close, or may close in the next few years. more...
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TEPCO asks removal of "Pokemon Go" character from nuclear plant

- Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc. has requested the operator of the popular "Pokemon Go" smartphone game to change the settings so that the game's virtual characters will not appear at a nuclear power plant, the utility said Tuesday. TEPCO said it has detected at least one Pokemon character within the premises of one of the three nuclear power stations it has tested. The plants are ... more...
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First nuclear plant to take to the seas

Lyu Chang - Visitors look at the stand of China National Nuclear Corp at an industry expo in Beijing. more...
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City attorney: EPB sale or merger would require initiation by its board

By Melinda J. Overstreet, Glasgow Daily Times, Ky. - In the latest round of back and forth stemming from the dissatisfaction of some members of the Glasgow City Council over a new rate structure implemented by the Glasgow Electric Plant Board, Councilman Gary Oliver asked the city attorney whether the entire board of directors for the utility could be dissolved. more...
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PUC to hear testimony this week on proposed Burrillville power plant

By Alex Kuffner, The Providence Journal, R.I. - The first round of evidentiary hearings on the natural gas-burning power plant proposed in Burrillville will take place this week and will focus on whether the regional electric grid actually needs the 1,000-megawatt facility and what the effects on Rhode Island ratepayers will be if it is built. more...
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Solana Beach looks for energy provider

By Phil Diehl, The San Diego Union-Tribune - Solana Beach could become the first city in San Diego County to create its own power company, with the goal of moving to 100 percent renewable energy. more...
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By Ellen Smith
On: July 25, 2016
Most Americans are familiar with the high profile hacking incidents of recent years-the public exposure of Sony Pictures' private email, for instance, or the theft more...
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By Diane Munns
On: July 22, 2016
As a former state utility regulator, I know the difficulty of balancing competing interests in making decisions and communicating those decisions to constituents. Solutions deemed more...
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By Lee Williams
On: July 20, 2016
"Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore." A familiar catchphrase in American culture from the classic "The Wizard of Oz" where Dorothy, the more...
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By Marc Rauch
On: July 18, 2016
Recently, New York took a major step toward rethinking utility economics when it issued the "Order Adopting a Ratemaking and Utility Revenue Model Policy Framework" more...
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By Brian Harrell
On: July 4, 2016
Building and maintaining a solid reputation is important for all types of organizations and it is especially important for utilities. A good reputation can inoculate more...
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Global Mineral-oil-based Lubricants Market to Grow at a CAGR of 2% Between 2014-2019 Research Report

By ram singh - Global Mineral-oil-based Lubricants Market 2015-2019 Size and Share Published in 2015-11-11 Available for US$ 2500 at Researchmoz.us Description About mineral more...

Global Geothermal Power Generation Market 2016 Industry Analysis, Segment & Forecast up to 2020

By kara kirkland - Geothermal power is electricity generated by geothermal energy of earth. Geothermal power is considered to be a sustainable, renewable source more...

Global Drill Bits Market Analysis, Trends, Segment & Forecast up to 2020

By kara kirkland - Drill bits machine are cutting tools used to remove material to create holes, always of circular cross-section. Drill bit is more...

Global Smart Transformers Market Analysis, Trends, Segment & Forecast up to 2020

By kara kirkland - Smart transformer is also known as solid state transformer. Smart transformer controls power distribution networks. It makes possible the conversion more...
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Is Bill Gates’ darker side ‘Energy Miracle,’ a brighter side institutional innovation?

By Jose Antonio Vanderhorst-Silverio - The whole title is "Is Bill Gates’ darker side ‘Energy Miracle,’ a brighter side institutional innovation under Great Capitalism?," which more...

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