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The Utility Analytics Institute was founded by Energy Central in June 2011 with a mission to accelerate the adoption, advancement and utilization of analytics, enabling utilities to operate more safely, reliably and efficiently.


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'Big Data': not necessarily a tsunami

"Big data is not so much a tsunami, but a big river of information, and every year it gets bigger, it never stops," said Dale Skeen, co-founder and chief technology officer at Vitria, at the Utility Analytics Institute Summit 2012.

Indeed. Data and analytics are not just one-time events and, as we're seeing at the summit in Orlando, Florida, much like a river, they will continue to transform and shape the utility industry. Man, I love good analogies. Let's discuss some key issues we covered on the first day of the summit, along with a few other good analogies.


Those of you who know me know that I'm a people person. And not necessarily that I just like to chitchat, but rather that I believe people are a critical part of any smart grid or analytics initiative. In our research at the Utility Analytics Institute, for example, we've determined that about 24 percent of utility companies list the lack of necessary skills and staff as a key challenge in their grid analytics initiatives. As one utility noted in our Annual Grid Analytics Report, "there are not a lot of resources with the broad experience to design and deploy the advanced grid management our company is striving for."

And it isn't just about those people who design and deploy analytics initiatives. Analytics users count, too. At the summit I got some support on this notion, not only in various anecdotal discussions, but from work presented by OSIsoft and Microsoft. Some recent research conducted by the two companies showed that training time around analytics tools is one of the biggest analytics challenges for about 45 percent of utility companies. A big question is how can utilities companies create self-service intelligence?

Places for many types of intelligence

We hear a lot of "real-time this" or "predictive that" with the analytics discussion, but real-time and predictive analytics are still a little ways off, and that's okay. As Rob Massoudi, senior vice president of business development and strategic partnerships with Space-Time Insight said, "The goalpost is predictive analytics, and we're working towards that."

In some cases, however, you may not want  real-time or predictive analytics all the time. I enjoyed a great example from one of the presentations that compared operational intelligence, which focuses on analytics velocity, with the business intelligence that is more retrospective. They are complementary technologies, and one can't really replace the other. Let's say you are crossing a busy street, would you want to know how things were an hour ago or a minute ago? Or would you want some operational intelligence about that car coming right around the corner as you get ready to step out into the crosswalk? At the same time, if you were designing that crosswalk, it wouldn't necessarily be helpful to know just what is happening along the road right now. You'd want more business intelligence, and be able to understand what has happened over time, with traffic patterns and such, to be able to design a crosswalk that best addresses the needs of the pedestrian with an eye towards good traffic flow.

Best quote of the day

There are business drivers pushing utilities to invest in analytics, such as performance improvement, cost savings and improved customer service. At the same time, however, new-found data and analytics capabilities are pushing utilities to find new uses for those resources. As Peggy Clippert, manager of customer research with We Energies, cleverly put it, "I have this great new hammer, and I'm going around the company to find all the nails I can hit with it."

That's it for now from Orlando. Kate Rowland, editor-in-chief of Intelligent Utility magazine, will be providing another update tomorrow as we wrap up the Utility Analytics Institute Summit 2012. Thanks for reading and I'll be sure to tell Mickey Mouse you said hi.



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