Acorn Energy appoints new CEO

Business & Corporate | Feb 01, 2016 -- MarketLine
Acorn Energy, Inc. has appointed Jan Loeb as CEO of the company.

ComEd to deploy battery storage technology for microgrid project in Bronzeville

Energy Storage | Feb 01, 2016 -- MarketLine
ComEd has won a $4 million contract from the US Department of Energy SunShot Initiative to design and deploy solar and battery storage technology within its planned microgrid demonstration project in Chicago's Bronzeville neighborhood.

Con Edison files electric and gas rate proposals for 2017

Policy, Regulatory & Legal | Feb 01, 2016 -- MarketLine
Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc. has filed rate proposals with New York State Public Service Commission for its electric and gas delivery services beginning in 2017.

Farm Power Northwest wasn't influenced by faked research

Fossil & Biomass | MOUNT VERNON -- Jan 31 - McClatchy-Tribune Content Agency, LLC - Aaron Weinberg Skagit Valley Herald, Mount Vernon, Wash.
A Washington State University study with faked data about manure digesters didn't influence Kevin and Daryl Maas when they decided to start Skagit-based Farm Power Northwest in 2007.

Converting poop into power

Fossil & Biomass | GOSHEN -- Jan 31 - McClatchy-Tribune Content Agency, LLC - Alice Culp South Bend Tribune, Ind.
A Goshen business is turning poop into power.

Southeast Georgia landfill's expansion plan spurs toxic concerns

Policy, Regulatory & Legal | Jan 31 - McClatchy-Tribune Content Agency, LLC - Dan Chapman The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Plans for a massive expansion of a Southeast Georgia landfill -- which could accept millions of tons of toxic coal ash -- were delayed last week after a surge of fear, confusion and political intervention persuaded federal regulators to postpone a final decision.

SunZia not ready to guarantee it'll transmit renewable energy

Grid Operations | Jan 31 - McClatchy-Tribune Content Agency, LLC - Tony Davis The Arizona Daily Star, Tucson
A consortium says it wants to bring renewable wind and solar energy to Arizona cities by building two power lines from New Mexico. But it's fighting hard against being required to guarantee it will put renewables on the line.

Dominion Resources buying Questar for about $4.4 billion

Business & Corporate | NEW YORK - Feb 01 - Canadian Press DataFile
Dominion Resources is buying Questar for approximately $4.4 billion, a big reach to the West for the East coast energy company.

Competitive Power Ventures Plans to Invest USD1 Billion in CPV Three Rivers Energy Center in Illinois, US

Business & Corporate | Feb 01 - Progressive Digital Media - Deals
Competitive Power Ventures Holdings, LLC intends to invest approximately USD1,000 million in the construction and development of CPV Three Rivers Energy Center, a combined cycle natural gas-fired power plant, in Grundy County, Illinois , US.

Nuclear Power Plants Could Benefit from Better Cybersecurity

Communications & Security | Jan 21 - Investing News Network
In the fast-growing world of digital connectedness, those in the financial, digital information and healthcare sectors know they need to protect against cyber attacks. But what about the nuclear industry? Is there a reason to ramp up cybersecurity around nuclear plants? The short answer: yes.

Apex Clean Energy to Invest USD100 Million in Wind and Solar Hybrid Power Project in Texas, US

Risk & Operations | Feb 01 - Progressive Digital Media - Deals
Apex Clean Energy Holdings, LLC has agreed to invest USD100 million in the construction and development of a wind and solar hybrid power project in Fort Hood, Texas, US.

Green jobs boom: meet the frontline of the new solar economy

Business & Corporate | Feb 01 - Guardian Web
While the price of oil is plummeting, taking with it a significant number of jobs, the renewable energy job market is booming.

Utilities throw weight behind plan to eliminate coal and increase renewables

Environmental, Emissions & Carbon Mgmt | Jan. 30 -- Oregonian (Portland, OR)
Oregon's two biggest electric utilities told state regulators Friday that their compromise plan to eliminate coal-fired electricity and meet half their customers' demand with renewable energy would be affordable, technically feasible and vastly preferable to ballot measures that environmental groups are proposing for next November.

Critics call FirstEnergy profit guarantee a corporate rescue mission

Business & Corporate | Jan. 30 -- Columbus Dispatch (OH)
FirstEnergy presents a confident public face to support a controversial profit-guarantee, but the company has shown a much more vulnerable side in closed-door meetings with state leaders and others, describing the proposal as an attempt to stave off financial disaster.

Renewable legacy: group that fought Vernon County coal ash directs leftover funds to school solar project

Risk & Operations | Jan 30 - McClatchy-Tribune Content Agency, LLC - Chris Hubbuch La Crosse Tribune, Wis.
More than seven years after a controversial coal ash landfill in Vernon County was scrapped, the group that opposed it has used leftover funds to make an investment in renewable energy and education.

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