IPL announces resignation of President and CEO Kelly Huntington

Business & Corporate | Jun 29 - Global Data Point
Huntington joined AES in 2003 and moved to Indianapolis in 2011 as Senior Vice President and CFO of IPL, eventually taking the role of President and CEO in 2013.

Delmarva Power Restoration Crews Bringing Power Back Following 6-23-15 Summer Storm

Grid Operations | Jun 29 - Global Data Point
Significant wind, rain and lightning brought down trees, limbs onto power lines, causing considerable damage to Delmarva's electric system.

Hidroelectrica to commission €58m Bretea hydro power plant in Romania

International | Jun 29 - Global Data Point
The new power plant is built on the Strei river and has an installed capacity of 12MW. Meanwhile, the project is 62% complete.

Atlantic City Electric Continues Restoration; Massive Damage from Storm Caused More Power Outages Than Derecho or Hurricane Sandy

Grid Operations | Jun 29 - Global Data Point
Of the approximately 280,000 customers who had lost power at the peak of the storm, Atlantic City Electric has restored service to more than half of those customers.

Andhra Pradesh steps up nuclear power push with 2nd site offer

Nuclear | Jun 29 - Global Data Point
A team of officers from the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) and the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited are learnt to have met with the senior officers of the Andhra Pradesh government to discuss a second coastal site to set up a nuclear plant in the state.

IDB lends USD 65m to Nicaragua to promote renewables

International | Jun 29 - Syrian Arab News Agency
The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) said on Wednesday it has approved a USD-65-million (EUR 58m) loan to assist Nicaragua in its attempt to adopt renewables.

Oregon Offshore Wind Project’s Troubles Leave the DOE 0-for-3 So Far

Policy, Regulatory & Legal | Jun 29 - Mehr News Agency (Iran)
You can now add WindFloat Pacific, in Oregon, to the list of innovative, U.S. Department of Energy-backed offshore wind projects struggling to get built.

Japan nuclear power restart begins

International | Jun 29 - Global Data Point
Reports are that fuel loading will commence next month placing a timeline of the plants once again being onstream in August.

Georgia Power Getting Into the Solar Panel Financing Business

Policy, Regulatory & Legal | Jun 29 - Pan African News Agency
July 01, 2015, is going to be a big day. The Solar Power Free-Market Financing Act, HB 57, sponsored by State Rep. Mike Dudgeon (R-Johns Creek), will go into effect, thus opening up solar panel options for Georgia residents and businesses.

SDIC Power CNY440mn Wind Power Project Approved

International | BEIJING Jun 29 - Sinocast Energy Beat (China)
SDIC Power Holdings (SHSE: 600886) recently gained approval from NDRC Yunnan to construct a wind power project in Dongchuan District, Kunming.

Gazprom commissions new power unit at oldest CHPP in Moscow

International | Jun 29 - ENP Newswire
A new combined-cycle gas turbine was put into operation at CHPP-12 of Mosenergo today in the course of Gazprom's annual General Shareholders Meeting.

AREVA: Information Regarding Canberra

Business & Corporate | Jun 29 - Business Wire
Regulatory News: The transformation plan underway at AREVA (Paris:AREVA) has led the group to refocus on nuclear fuel cycle activities.

With improved technology, fuel cells could alleviate power demand

Energy Storage | Jun 29 - Burbank Leader (CA)
As utilities operators look to a future with greater power generation coming from renewable resources, they face a challenge described in what's known as the "duck curve".

EDPR France Holding celebrates the opening of the Preuseville wind farm

International | Jun 29 - Global Data Point
Following the entry into service of the wind farm in January 2015, Frédéric Lanoë and all his team are delighted to announce the inauguration of the Preuseville wind farm on Friday, 26 June 2015.

OPIC to Support 20 MW Jamaican Solar Energy Facility

Solar | Jun 29 - Mehr News Agency (Iran)
The Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), today signed a financing agreement with Content Solar Ltd.

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