Impact of energy credits on Champaign County wind farms unclear

Wind | Oct 2 - McClatchy-Tribune Content Agency, LLC - Matt Sanctis Dayton Daily News, Ohio
It's still too soon to say how a plan from a handful of state legislators could impact a proposed wind farm in Champaign County, but the proposal has already drawn criticism from environmental groups and Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

Clean Power objectives provide Iowa with wind energy goals

Wind | Oct 2 - McClatchy-Tribune Content Agency, LLC - Jason W. Brooks Newton Daily News, Iowa
President Barack Obama and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agencyannounced the Clean Power Plan in August, unveiling a massive and nationwide set of guidelines and goals, aimed at reducing carbon pollution from power plants to address climate change.

Blue Planet: Utilities' community solar proposal disappointing

Solar | Oct 03 - Hawaii Independent, The (Honolulu, HI)
As mandated by Act 100, signed by Governor David Ige in June 2015, Hawaii's utilities, today, filed their version of a proposed program for community solar.

Oklahoma expected to meet new ozone limits

Environmental, Emissions & Carbon Mgmt | OKLAHOMA CITY Oct 02 - Associated Press
Oklahoma's Department of Environmental Quality says the state is expected to be able to meet tighter ground-level ozone limits that were unveiled by the Environmental Protection Agency this week. A department spokeswoman says data collected from 2013 to 2015 show that all Oklahoma counties would meet the new 70 parts per billion standard. But Oklahoma Oil and Gas …

Thai firm now fully owns Quezon Power Philippines

International | Oct 03 - Business Mirror (Philippines)
THAILAND'S Electricity Generating Public Co. Ltd. has bought an additional 2-percent interest in Quezon Power Philippines Ltd. Co. for $15.027 million, bringing its ownership interest in the power company to 100 percent.

Xcel Energy plans more wind, solar power and less coal -- and sooner -- in Minnesota

Environmental, Emissions & Carbon Mgmt | Oct 02 - Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN)
Xcel Energy said Friday that it will accelerate cuts in its Minnesota-region greenhouse gas emissions by increasing wind and solar power investment in this decade and replacing two big coal-burning generators with a natural gas-fired unit in the mid-2020s in Becker, Minn.

SolarCity says the panels it will make here are world's most efficient

Solar | Oct 2 - McClatchy-Tribune Content Agency, LLC - David Robinson The Buffalo News, N.Y.
The solar panels that SolarCity plans to begin making in South Buffalo next year will be the most efficient rooftop modules that are being made anywhere in the world, the company said Friday.

NIPSCO asks state regulators for rate hike

Policy, Regulatory & Legal | Oct 2 - McClatchy-Tribune Content Agency, LLC - Keith Benman The Times, Munster, Ind.
NIPSCO has filed a rate-hike request with state regulators that proposes increasing a typical residential customer's electric bill by 11.5 percent.

Pollution Control Agency says Minnesota already meets new ozone rule

Environmental, Emissions & Carbon Mgmt | Oct 2 - McClatchy-Tribune Content Agency, LLC - John Myers Duluth News Tribune
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday announced new regulations for smog-causing ozone pollution, reducing the ground level ozone standard from 75 to 70 parts per billion.

Connexus Energy appoints new CEO

Business & Corporate | Oct 02, 2015 -- MarketLine
Connexus Energy, an electric utility company, has announced the appointment of Greg Ridderbusch as its new CEO.

Chattanooga's air is clean enough to comply with newly announced, stricter ozone pollution standards

Environmental, Emissions & Carbon Mgmt | Oct 2 - McClatchy-Tribune Content Agency, LLC - Alex Green Chattanooga Times Free Press, Tenn.
Even with the new, stricter ozone standards put in place by the Obama administration on Thursday, Chattanooga appears to be in the clear.

New federal EPA smog standard angers both sides of the issue

Policy, Regulatory & Legal | Oct 2 - McClatchy-Tribune Content Agency, LLC - Tony Barboza Los Angeles Times
The U.S Environmental Protection Agency adopted a stricter smog limit Thursday that will force states to reduce emissions over the next decade, improving respiratory health for millions of people through pollution controls that will cost industry billions of dollars.

Florida Power & Light Company sends crews to Baltimore to support anticipated power restoration efforts from Hurricane Joaquin

Grid Operations | Oct 02 - Global Data Point
FPL crews will assist Baltimore Gas and Electric Company (BGE) and other utilities with their respective restoration efforts.

Exelon weighs options for Three Mile Island after plant's failed bid

Nuclear | Oct 02 - York Daily Record (PA)
For the first time in Three Mile Island's 41 years of commercial operation, the nuclear power plant failed to secure a contract in August to sell a year's worth of electricity on the regional power grid, meaning that it will lose a major revenue source.

EPA toughens smog limit, but health and business groups split on its impact

Environmental, Emissions & Carbon Mgmt | Oct 2 - McClatchy-Tribune Content Agency, LLC - Michael Hawthorne Chicago Tribune
Polluting industries will be required to do more to curb lung-damaging smog under new restrictions announced Thursday by the Obama administration, but most of the nation is projected to clean up within a decade.

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