Enel begins construction on new wind farm in Barile and Venosa

International | Feb 26, 2015 -- MarketLine
Enel Green Power S.p.A., a generator of energy from solar power, has begun construction on a new wind farm, in Barile and Venosa, near Potenza, in the region of Basilicata.

Endesa extends supply contract with Vincci Hoteles

International | Feb 26, 2015 -- MarketLine
Endesa, S.A., a generator of electricity, has extended its supply contract with Vincci Hoteles by a further year, with the distinction that the energy supplied to the hotel group will be from renewable sources.

FPL and DIS plan to add solar installation to DAYTONA Rising Project

Solar | Feb 26, 2015 -- MarketLine
Florida Power & Light Company, or FPL, and Daytona International Speedway, or DIS, have announced plans to add solar installation to DAYTONA Rising Project.

China Solar Energy Holdings announces board changes

International | Feb 26, 2015 -- MarketLine
China Solar Energy Holdings Limited has announced the resignation of Yeung Ngo as chairman and executive director of the company.

Tata Power signs MoU with SUEK to develop opportunities in energy sector

International | Feb 26, 2015 -- MarketLine
Tata Power Company Limited has signed a memorandum of understanding, or MoU, with Siberian Coal Energy Company, or SUEK, a producer of coal, to develop opportunities in the energy sector.

APR Energy renews 106MW of contracts in Sub-Saharan Africa

International | (The Associated Press) - Feb 26
APR Energy, the

global leader in large scale, fast-track power solutions, announces

today that it has signed 106MW of contract extensions in Sub-Saharan

Africa, including an extension on its 40MW Morro Bento power contract

in Angola, taking its term into early 2016.

Bilfinger wins order for Nordergrunde offshore windpark

International | Feb 26 - ENP Newswire
Bilfinger Marine & Offshore Systems has won an order at the new Nordergrunde offshore windpark for the installation of 19 steel foundations in the North Sea and for the transportation of 18 wind turbines to the installation site.

Palfinger Marine to deliver 150 wind cranes for largest Dutch offshore project Gemini

International | Feb 26 - Global Data Point
The 600 megawatt wind power plant will consist of 150 Siemens wind turbines. The wind farm is to be located in the North Sea, 85 km above the coast of Groningen.

BlackRock Announces Infrastructure Partnership with EDF Renewable Energy and Purchase of 50% Interest in 200MW Hereford Wind Project, Texas

Business & Corporate | Feb 25 - Investment Weekly News
By a News Reporter-Staff News Editor at Investment Weekly News -- A fund managed by BlackRock's Infrastructure Investment Group ("BlackRock Infrastructure") has purchased a 50% interest in the 200MW Hereford Wind Project ("Hereford Project"), located in Deaf Smith County, Texas from EDF Renewable Energy.

Avista's 2014 earnings up 73 percent

Business & Corporate | Feb 26 - Spokesman-Review (Spokane, WA)
Last year was a busy one for Avista Corp. The Spokane-based utility celebrated its 125th anniversary, bought an electric utility in Alaska and sold off a subsidiary.

Construction of Topaz Solar Farms in California Valley is finished

Solar | Feb 26 - Tribune (San Luis Obispo, CA)
The massive Topaz Solar Farms photovoltaic plant in California Valley is now complete, producing 550 megawatts of electricity for the state's power grid -- enough energy to power some 180,000 homes served by PG&E.

Barrel protesters against building new power plants

International | Feb 26 - Bristol Evening Post (England)
Protesters dressed as barrels of nuclear waste gathered to criticise the building of power plants near Bristol.

France : Nordex to install a 27-MW wind farm for STEAG in France

International | Feb 25 - TendersInfo (India)
The Nordex Group has been awarded the first contract by STEAG New Energies GmbH for the installation of a wind farm in France.

Murphy Challenges EPA Administrator Over Flaws in Climate Change Regulation

Policy, Regulatory & Legal | Feb 26 - Congressional Documents & Publications
Representative Tim Murphy Murphy Challenges EPA Administrator Over Flaws in Climate Change Regulation. "All projects cited by the EPA...haven't been completed, haven't been started, one isn't even in this country, and none of them are large scale." - Rep. Tim Murphy

AARP and BEST Coalition Urge Illinois Legislators to Just Say No on Exelon Bailout Bill

Policy, Regulatory & Legal | Feb 26 - Business Wire
AARP Illinois and the BEST Coalition are urging state lawmakers to reject legislation written by Exelon Corporation lobbyists that would increase electric bills in order to bail out Exelon’s nuclear plants. Introduced Thursday, Exelon’s “Low Carbon Portfolio Standard” …



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