Lanco to set up 100MW solar unit in India

International | Nov 24 - McClatchy-Tribune Content Agency, LLC - Trushna Udgirkar Mint, New Delhi
Lanco Infratech Ltd is looking at setting up a 100 MW solar cell manufacturing plant, adding to the existing solar power-related manufacturing units it has at their Chhattisgarh SEZ.

SunEdison confirms it terminated deal to buy Continuum Wind

International | Nov 25 - McClatchy-Tribune Content Agency, LLC
SunEdison Inc, the world's largest renewable energy company, has terminated a deal to acquire Singapore-based Continuum Wind Energy Ltd and will go slow on acquisitions globally, Pashupathy Gopalan, president, SunEdison Asia Pacific said on Tuesday.

PPA clears way for 200-MW wind farm in Argentine Chubut

International | Nov 24 - Global Data Point
The El Angelito wind project involves an investment of USD 425 million (EUR 399.6m), financed by China, which has agreed on a tariff of USD 110 per MWh with Cammesa. Buzzi mentioned that the construction of the wind farm will take 18 months and will include local suppliers for the foundations and the wind turbine towers.

FERC terminates permit for 30-MW pumped-storage hydro project in Hawaii

Hydro | Nov 24 - Global Data Point
Article 4 of the preliminary permit requires that the permittee submit a progress report at the close of each six-month period from the effective date of the permit.

Are mini nuclear reactors the answer to the climate change crisis?

Nuclear | Nov 24 - Guardian Web
Mini nuclear power plants could be trucked into a town near you to provide your hot water, or shipped to any country that wants to plug them into their electricity grid from the dock.

Energy Department Announces Six Clean Energy Projects through Partnership with Israel

International | Nov 24 - Global Data Point
This announcement represents the seventh annual selection of BIRD Energy projects, which support President Obama's comprehensive efforts to combat climate change and develop low-carbon alternatives to traditional energy sources.

Russia, Egypt Sign an Intergovernmental Agreement on Nuclear Power Plant Construction

International | Nov 24 - Global Data Point
The agreement was signed in the presence of the President of Arab Republic of Egypt, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.

Powered by small businesses, solar energy ready to boom in Kansas

Solar | Nov 24 - Cherokee County News-Advocate (Colombus, KS)
With more than 8,000 companies now operating nationwide, solar energy in America is growing by leaps and bounds. And the industry in Kansas is about to take off.

Electrical Contractors Help Power Utility Market

Business & Corporate | Nov 24 - Electrical Construction & Maintenance
As opportunities heat up in the power market, more and more electrical contracting companies have trained their workforce, invested in new equipment, and pursued contracts to construct new power lines, restore systems following storms, and upgrade existing infrastructure.

Idea of old power plant sale rekindles

Business & Corporate | Nov 24 - McClatchy-Tribune Content Agency, LLC - Peter Roper The Pueblo Chieftain, Colo.
Black Hills Energy intends to obtain a demolition permit for the old Downtown power station in early December.

Ukraine starts repair works on power line to Crimea

International | KIEV, Nov 24, 2015 -- Xinhua
Ukrainian engineers have started fixing one of the four damaged power lines in southern Kherson region that provide electricity to Crimea, authorities said Tuesday.

Agency upholds tribal dam acquisition

Hydro | Nov 24 - McClatchy-Tribune Content Agency, LLC - Sam Wilson Daily Inter Lake, Kalispell, Mont.
The U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on Thursday denied a request for a new hearing on Energy Keepers Inc.'s acquisition of the recently renamed Seli's Ksanka Qlispe' Dam.

Engineer analysis finds issues with energy project

Future & Alternative Generation | Nov 24 - McClatchy-Tribune Content Agency, LLC
Warren County leaders have pledged an official review of a second alternative energy project on county property after supervisors and citizens concluded the geothermal system at the county Municipal Center has not brought savings as promised.

Solar price plan to reduce hidden subsidy

Solar | Nov 24 - McClatchy-Tribune Content Agency, LLC
Beyond the amount of electricity they are using, Lakeland Electric wants new home solar customers to be mindful of when and how fast they are using that electricity, part of a compromise between solar advocates and owners, and the utility.

Athens Council OKs electric improvements

Grid Operations | Nov 24 - McClatchy-Tribune Content Agency, LLC
The Athens City Council approved a total of nearly $400,000 in equipment for the new Limestone Creek Substation, which is expected to begin operating by June 2016.

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