First Quartile Consulting Announces 2014 Transmission Benchmark Study

March 18, 2014 (News Release)

First Quartile Consulting (1QC) and Southern Company are pleased to announce an agreement for First Quartile to take on the delivery of the Transmission benchmark study that was performed by Southern Company Services from 2002 to 2012. The agreement marks the transition from the founding utility to a consulting firm dedicated to performing benchmarking studies for the utility industry.

Ken Buckstaff, Managing Director of First Quartile Consulting noted: “With a significant number of long-term participants in the study wanting to assure it continues, it was obvious there is a need in the industry for this important study. First Quartile Consulting is happy to be able to provide the service, and help the participants build on the relationships they have created over the past decade. The Transmission study will expand our benchmarking community to more companies in the Southeast, and we in turn expect to broaden the appeal of the study to other utilities across North America.”

Wendy Dobbs, the Program Manager at Southern Company Services who oversaw the study in recent years, said “Southern Company is very happy to have found a firm with the background and capabilities of First Quartile, combined with a long-term commitment to success of benchmarking in the utility industry, to take on the study, for the benefit of the entire industry. We look forward to working with First Quartile over the coming months and years to ensure the study continues to grow and meet the needs of the participant community.”

About First Quartile Consulting: First Quartile brings the experience of performing large-scale benchmark studies in the utility industry for over 25 years. Today the firm provides benchmarking services in the areas of electric Transmission & Distribution, and in Customer Service for electric, gas, and water utilities. Further, the firm provides a broad range of management consulting services, including diagnostic assessments, process improvement, performance measurement, regulatory support, and others for our utility clients.

To learn more about plans for the 2014 study, please contact

Ken Buckstaff

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