3rd Annual UtiliQ Report Lists 2011's Most-Intelligent Utilities

Energy Central - 11.09.2011

For the third year, San Diego Gas & Electric topped the UtiliQ survey of electric utilities, making it America's most intelligent utility. Following closely were two top alumni and two newcomers.

UtiliQ is a project from IDC Energy Insights and Intelligent Utility magazine, developed to cut through smart grid hype and measure utilities' progress toward intelligent operation.

"While the smart grid is an exciting project, it generates hype," says Kate Rowland, editor-in-chief of Intelligent Utility magazine. "The reality is far more outcome-based. UtiliQ measures each utility's progress against five criteria needed for a reliable, affordable and sustainable utility. Scores compute into a three-digit IQ."

UtiliQ rated 78 American utilities on operational efficiency, integration of renewables, smart-energy initiatives, demand response/energy efficiency programs and IT investments.

The 2011 five most-intelligent utilities:


Utility 2011 2010
San Diego Gas & Electric (Sempra Energy) 169 142
PG&E Corp. 158 134
Austin Energy 153 135
Pinnacle West Capital Corp. 147 N/A
Edison International 145 13

IQs higher than 140 are ranked as "Near Genius," and those between 120 and 140 are ranked as "Very Superior Intelligence." Most of 2011's top 25 utilities achieved "Superior Intelligence," with scores that fall between 110 and 119.

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