Posted By: Charles Y. Chen, PhD - Chief Strategy Officer, Energetics
On: July 24, 2015
I am addicted to C-SPAN. Especially now, when the 2016 presidential election season is well underway. There is endless coverage of conventions, town halls, and conferences. While I pay attention to candidates' views on important topics such as national security, entitlement, and tax reform, I am listening intently on their  more...
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Posted By: Anthony F. (Tony) Sleva, PE - Adjunct Instructor, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
On: July 10, 2015
In the continental United States, major, statewide, blackouts occur every 5 years or so.  Most recently, Southwest in September 2011, Florida in February 2008, and Northeast in August 2003. When the sequence of events is reviewed, latent, repetitive, long standing issues that were tolerated and the consequences of not addressing  more...
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Posted By: Alana Lemarchand - Consultant, Utility Services practice, Nexant
On: June 15, 2015
Rapid change is occurring in the electricity industry, due in part to robustly expanding distributed PV (DPV), emerging grid parity, and surging maturation of many other distributed energy resources (DER) technologies, especially automated, aggregated load control (automated demand response or ADR) and behind-the-meter storage. DPV and DER have started a  more...
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Posted By: Glenn Booth - Vice President, Marketing, Field Squared
On: June 5, 2015
As utilities engage in substation inspections, asset management, meter replacements, regulatory requirements, increases in sensor data, and normal day-to-day field operations, there becomes a driving need to mobilize the field workforce, orchestrate volumes data, utilize data analytics and ultimately improve business efficiency. Utilities are evaluating a wide range of mobility  more...
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Posted By: Stuart McCafferty, PMP - President, GridIntellect and ChargeDefense
On: May 28, 2015
Every IT professional knows that USB storage devices such as flash drives are notorious for carrying malware and exploiting USB autorun features to expose viruses to corporate enterprises.  In fact, a Microsoft study in 2011 on 600 million systems revealed that malware infections via USB storage devices were responsible for  more...
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Posted By: Tim Taylor - Chief Client Success Officer, Telogis
On: May 14, 2015
We all know how much connectivity and mobility have changed life as we know it — in fact, it’s no stretch to say society will never be the same. A change that big creates a lot of disruption and businesses are constantly evolving to keep pace. Utilities are adapting with  more...
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Posted By: Seyi Fabode
On: May 13, 2015
Why can’t I make split utility bill payments with my roommate? asked a friend who runs a consumer web business.  I had excuses but not much in terms of an actual response.  His question got me thinking about what needs to happen for the utility industry to ramp up our  more...
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Posted By: Kimberly Klemm
On: May 8, 2015
Smart Energy is an industry byword these days. Electricity consumers and producers alike talk about ideas and implementations that Smart Energy has developed as the best ways forward for both energy conservation and energy cost effectiveness. Electrical system developments in Smart grids and Smart cities are key to discussions on  more...
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Posted By: Dr. Trevor Bowmer , Dr. Lawrence (Larry) Slavin
On: May 5, 2015
Utility poles and their multiple cross arms were laced with masses of power and communications lines along the nation’s highways and byways in the early years of infrastructure rollout in the United States. Fortunately for the utility workers who designed, deployed and maintained such infrastructure, the National Electrical Safety Code®  more...
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Posted By: Anjan Lahiri - Global Practice Head, Smart Grid and Operational Technologies, Wipro Limited
On: April 27, 2015
Going digital is the latest buzzword in the utilities sector. One sees utilities drawing up digital roadmaps and making investments geared towards a ‘digital transformation’. A vast majority of these changes including web and mobility front-ends and increased social footprint, have been focused on the customer-end or the retail side  more...
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