Whitepaper Addressing The Importance of Baseline Configuration as a Critical Security Management Control Available from TDi Technologies

TDi Technologies Inc. - 10.20.2011

TDi Technologies, the leader in IT Foundation Management, today announced the availability of a whitepaper addressing the Importance of Baseline Configuration as a Critical Security Management Control. CIP-010-5 brings into the CIP Regulations baseline configuration management as a way to reduce or eliminate security gaps resulting from Cyber Assets that are not properly configured. This paper discusses different approaches to this challenge and how best practices can be employed to eliminate security gaps for the Bulk Energy System (BES).

Topics covered in the whitepaper include:

• Examination of the types of configuration information stored on Cyber Assets

• Description of the practical application of Baseline Configuration Management

• Discussion on the process for controlling assets to a defined, “most secure” configuration when triggered by external factors (new patch, IT change, etc.)

• Discussion on the process for detecting and resolving unauthorized changes and for validating authorized changes

• Understanding the cyber security threats and risks imposed by not managing the baseline configuration of cyber assets

To download a copy of this whitepaper or others in the series, visit: http://www.tditechnologies.com/energy-utility-resources

About TDi Technologies

TDi Technologies is the leader in IT Foundation Management, delivering IT Foundation Management solutions to a global customer base with key verticals including Financial Services, Telecommunications, Utilities, Healthcare, and Government. The company’s solutions help customers reduce operating costs, meet foundational compliance requirements, secure the IT foundation, and improve IT Service delivery. TDi Technologies is the first solution provider to offer a unified system of operation and management over the IT foundation. The company’s patented technology provides automation, optimization, control, and management capabilities that dramatically improve the ability of IT to meet the demands of the business.


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