Posted By: John Cray - Vice President of Marketing, Enghouse Interactive
On: August 10, 2015
As utility companies adopt new technologies to run their businesses more efficiently, they'd be wise to make sure their communication channels keep up. Although the delivery of natural gas and electricity hasn't changed much over the years, the way utility companies are metering and billing for their services is currently  more...
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Posted By: John Cray - Vice President of Marketing, Enghouse Interactive
On: July 30, 2015
Competition changes everything, and while the energy sector remains highly regulated, things are evolving rapidly and utilities face new challenges that cannot be left unmet. Technology is reshaping every segment of our economy, and never before have customers held so much sway. The passive energy consumer of yesterday is giving  more...
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Posted By: Eileen Unger - President, Emergency Preparedness Partnerships (EPP)
On: May 20, 2015
When disasters strike, utilities depend on communications networks built to meet Critical Infrastructure (CI) reliability and capability requirements. However, in extreme cases communications infrastructure can be threatened by: - Its reliance on the grid for power - Its exposure and vulnerability to natural disasters - The possibility of cyber intrusion  more...
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Posted By: Joel Gordes - Consultant, Environmental Energy Solutions
On: December 29, 2014
Frequently we have been exposed to the terms “redundant,”  “distributed generation,” and “decentralization” but they are rarely, precisely explained or the properties that may or may not make them candidates as a likely solution for both cyber and physical threats. I have to plead “guilty” to this charge in my  more...
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Posted By: Malcolm Loro - Director, Enterprise Marketing team, Ciena
On: October 16, 2014
The primary goals of any national electrical Smart Grid program are to add monitoring, analysis, control and communication capabilities to a nation's power delivery system to maximize the system's efficiency, streamline operations, and upgrade security protections-all while also reducing energy consumption. In the U.S., the Department of Energy (DoE) has  more...
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Posted By: Rob Adams - VP of Product Management, Transmode
On: September 10, 2014
Utilities, like other industry sectors in today's technology-driven economy, rely heavily on networked communications to support practically all their business operations. Among the external operations that depend on the network are advanced metering infrastructure, customer billing, home-automation systems and monitoring of gas pipelines or electricity generation/distribution infrastructure. The network also  more...
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Posted By: pradeep pathak - Consultant, Infosys Ltd.
On: April 2, 2014
Introduction Communication Systems are used in automation to pass data between device level (sensors, actuators, transducers etc.) and control level (PLC's, RTU's, IED's etc.), between different control level devices, or between control level and supervisory level (SCADA). These data are then used for operator interface, data processing and storage. Communication  more...
Posted By: Kimberly Klemm
On: February 3, 2014
Utility data communications are facing some important changes as the world of networking communications evolves. According to "intelligentutility" author Kathleeen Wolf Davis, "In late 2012 91% of international utilities said they used fiber to connect SCADA (supervisory control and stat acquisitions) to at least some substations." There are many options  more...
Posted By: Gal Luft - Co-Director, Institute for the Analysis of Global Security, Senior Adviser, United States Energy Security Council
On: October 7, 2013
Ten years ago, every city between Detroit and Ottawa, including New York, turned dark in what became known as the Northeast blackout of 2003, the most severe power outage to ever occur in the industrialized world. For the next four days the lives of 50 million Americans and Canadians were  more...
Posted By: Michael John - Solutions Manager, Elster
On: November 29, 2012
As European countries move closer to wide-scale adoption of Smart Metering technology, the need for a co-ordinated approach among product vendors, solution designers, communication technologists and individual utilities has never been clearer. If diverse technologies are to work together seamlessly, then standards for various aspects of the optimal system design  more...

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