Gamesa to Introduce New Medium-Wind Turbine, Multi-Megawatt Platforms at CanWEA

Gamesa Energy USA - 10.03.2011

Gamesa Technology Corp., Inc., a world leader in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of wind turbine generators and the development and sale of wind farms, will introduce its new G97-2.0 MW Class IIA model and showcase its G10X-4.5 MW platform at the Canadian Wind Energy Association’s 27th Annual Conference and Exhibition in Vancouver, British Columbia, on Oct. 3-6.

The new G97-2.0 MW Class IIA is designed for medium wind speeds and builds on Gamesa’s success in turbine innovations. Last year, the company launched its G97-2.0 MW Class IIIA model, which is designed specifically for low-wind sites. Between the two models, which are available with tower heights of 78 meters, 90 meters, 100 meters or 120 meters, wind farm operators are ensured maximum production at almost any site.

The entire Gamesa G97-2.0 MW platform has been developed as an upgrade of the popular, highly tested and proven G8X-2.0 MW technology, which has a global installed capacity of more than 10,000 MW.

Aside from the G9X-2.0 MW platform, Gamesa will spotlight new models in its G10X-4.5 MW platform--- the G128-4.5 MW turbine for Class IIA medium wind sites and the G136-4.5 MW turbine for Class III low-wind sites, both on 120-meter hybrid towers.

The Gamesa G10X-4.5 MW platform is the result of a major multiyear in-house development effort to design a new generation of wind turbines with advanced features, such as Gamesa’s MultiSmart®, the individual control system that collects technical data to regulate each individual blade to minimize vibrations and reduce the loads up to 30 percent. With more than 240,000 hours of testing and 350 tests to validate major components and subsystems, the G10X-4.5 offers unparalleled reliability and availability. And, the turbine design makes it just as easy to ship and install as a two-megawatt unit.

The CanWEA conference and expo is one of the wind energy industry’s premier events, attracting over 250 exhibitors and more than 2,500 wind energy professionals from all over the world. For more information about the upcoming conference in Vancouver, visit

About Gamesa

Gamesa Technology Corp., Inc., a global leader in the design and manufacture of wind turbines and the development, construction and sale of wind farms, has installed more than 22,000 MW in 30 countries on four continents. Gamesa entered the North American market in 2005 and built two manufacturing plants, a nacelle plant and a blades facility, both in Pennsylvania. Since entering the market, Gamesa has supplied wind turbines to more than 35 wind farms in the United States. In 2010, Gamesa ranked No. 3 in the United States for total wind power installations, according to the American Wind Energy Association. Gamesa also exports its U.S.-manufactured turbines to North and Central American countries and was the recipient of the U.S. Export-Import Bank’s “Renewables Energy Exporter of the Year” award in 2011. That same year, Gamesa opened the North American Offshore Wind Technology Center in Chesapeake, Va., where it is spearheading the design a 5.0 MW offshore wind turbine in collaboration with Newport News Shipbuilding, a division of Huntington Ingalls Industries. The finished product will be the first offshore wind turbine designed in North America.


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