Posted By: Russell Tencer - Founder & CEO, United Wind
On: August 7, 2014
With so many day-to-day concerns vying for attention, many farmers may not have the time to stop and research alternative ways to address their energy needs and rising utility costs. While having heard that renewable energies, such as solar or wind energy, are becoming increasingly popular, there does not seem  more...
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Posted By: Suresh Kumar - Income Tax Officer, Organization: Ministry of Finance, Government of India
On: November 26, 2013
I am working in a building which is centrally air conditioned. I got the idea of using the exhaust wind of Air conditioning plant to rotate the turbine for producing energy. If my idea of producing electricity from windmill which can be rotated by the exhaust of A/C plant comes  more...
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Posted By: Davis Swan - President, Debarel Systems Ltd.
On: November 4, 2013
With the U.S. government "closed for business" and a looming debt ceiling crisis the debate over whether or not to extend the wind energy Production Tax Credit (PTC) is not getting much attention these days. President Obama's official position is that the PTC should be extended indefinitely. Many in Congress  more...
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Posted By: Scott Shugarts - Market Research Specialist, Energy Curtailment Specialists
On: October 3, 2013
National, community and utility-wide efforts to move toward greater renewable energy use are well publicized.  However, many consumers are becoming frustrated with the relatively slow pace of those authorities and are looking for ways to pursue renewable energy use on their own, perhaps even with a goal of being "off  more...
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Posted By: Kristopher Settle
On: August 15, 2013
Peter Sennekamp, media officer for the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) announced in mid-June that wind energy will surpass the threshold of 300 gigawatts, or 300,000 megawatts at some point before the end of the calendar year. Total wind energy capacity reached 280 gigawatts by the end of last year,  more...
Posted By: Prab Jain , Iqbal Hussain , Larry Horne , Sujit Mandal
On: August 6, 2013
Wind farms have been rapidly added to the power grid in the last decade. Wind now contributes to more than 60,000 MW of generation capacity in USA and has been achieving double digit growth in the last couple of years. The wind turbines have become more matured over the years.  more...
Posted By: Eric Hahn P.E. - Civil Engineer Corps officer and Acquisition Corps member, U.S. Navy
On: March 5, 2013
According to Mr. José Zayas, Director, Wind and Water Power Technologies Office, U.S. Department of Energy, in the January 2013 edition of Sea Technology, “DOE is taking the first steps to develop an integrated National Offshore Resource & Design Data Network.  This network will catalog all available sources of relevant  more...
Posted By: Harry Valentine - Commentator/Energy Researcher, Langson Energy
On: July 27, 2010
Internet search engine Google provided an estimated $10 million to a wind energy research group to develop a technology that could convert wind energy to massive amounts of electrical energy at competitive costs. Several entrepreneurs, organizations and groups are working toward such an objective and all agree that there is  more...
Posted By: Harry Valentine - Commentator/Energy Researcher, Langson Energy
On: June 14, 2010
Early forms of power generation involved waterwheels and windmills that transferred power through mechanical systems to achieve such tasks as grinding and milling grain or pumping water. During the early decades of the industrial revolution, power was transferred from waterwheels, hydraulic turbines and steam engines via mechanical means to a  more...
Posted By: Harry Valentine - Commentator/Energy Researcher, Langson Energy
On: March 17, 2010
An interesting phenomenon has been noted at several coastal wind farms in the western UK that are located along the Irish Sea. On clear days over the eastern Irish Sea, the wind turbines generate mist and fog on land. The swirling movement of the turbine blades apparently churns the cooler  more...

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