Posted By: Katie Otterbeck - Solar Energy Advocate, Environment Colorado
On: April 25, 2016
We cannot continue to rely on fossil fuels, which threaten public health and the environment, to power our lives. This is especially true since we have the renewable energy alternatives to meet 100% of our electricity demands. With our 300 days of sunshine a year, Colorado has virtually limitless access  more...
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Posted By: Katie Otterbeck - Solar Energy Advocate, Environment Colorado
On: March 24, 2016
Fifteen years ago, flat-screen televisions were a rare luxury item, a smart phone was one with an address book, we kept our music on plastic discs, and video chats were a feature in Star Trek episodes.  Now there’s widespread use of handheld devices that enable us listen to music, watch  more...
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Posted By: Julian Hughes - Group Business Development Director & Acting Manager, Consumer Electronics Division, Intelligent Energy
On: February 23, 2016
Around the globe, our relationship to energy has hit a tipping point. Rapidly expanding populations around the globe are putting increased strain on aging grid infrastructure just as the same people turn increasingly mobile with the advent of smartphones. In an industry plagued by uncertainty, if one thing's for sure,  more...
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Posted By: Erik Andersen - Economist, Retired Economist
On: February 17, 2016
There has been much written about “green” energy and more particularly, electrical energy. It has many citizens asking what they might do to be part of the solution while waiting for the more traditional leadership to take initiatives that would lead to reductions in the consumption of fossil fuels. Solar  more...
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Posted By: Roy Palk - Senior Energy Advisor, LeClairRyan
On: February 9, 2016
The trend toward an idealistic, even starry-eyed, fixation on renewable energy is a source of annoyance and threat for many utility executives. Activists and dreamers can let emotion rule as they pin their hopes on solar and wind. Utility executives must face the hard facts of economics. They have no  more...
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Posted By: Sven Lindstrom - CEO, Midsummer
On: December 24, 2015
2016 is soon here and it promises to be another exciting and eventful year for the solar and renewable energy industry. Sven Lindström, CEO of thin film solar cell manufacturing equipment supplier Midsummer, outlines his predictions for the four strongest solar energy trends in 2016: China will strengthen its position  more...
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Posted By: Jerry Jackson - President, Jackson Associates
On: December 11, 2015
Many utility executives consider PV-related power quality and other PV-related issues as something of a “back-burner” item given the number of current PV installations on their systems.  However, new Smart Grid Research Consortium forecasting models and analysis indicate that these planning issues should be considered with some urgency to inform  more...
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Posted By: Emma White -
On: December 9, 2015
One hour of solar energy is enough to meet the energy demand of entire Earth’s population for one year. When the solar radiation reaches earth’s top atmosphere it is relatively constant everywhere but the radiation near earth’s surface may vary considerably due to following reasons:  - Atmospheric effects, such as  more...
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Posted By: Day Chahroudi - President, Suntek llc
On: December 1, 2015
Today, solar energy is synonymous with solar electric panels.  But outside this box, there is a simpler, more efficient, and much cheaper solar technology.  Designing the molecules and electrons in a roof to capture and control solar heat can supply one-sixth of the world’s energy.  Field tests by the European  more...
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Posted By: Darshan Goswami - Project Manager, U.S. Department of Energy
On: November 2, 2015
There is a “Green Energy Revolution” underway in India that can increase prosperity for millions of poor families by harnessing the abundant and clean energy of the sun.  With the right policies in place India can easily become a world leader in solar energy.  This solar endeavor could also help  more...
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