Posted By: Evelyn Butler - Global Business Development Director, Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
On: April 3, 2014
The conversation surrounding how solar energy can benefit the environment has been a transformational one over the last 10 years. One of the focal points of that discussion centers on solar energy reliability and cost efficiency to promote widespread adoption. The methods poised for achieving this goal include conducting more  more...
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Posted By: KRS Murthy - CEO, i3 World
On: March 4, 2014
I admire the energy of solar enthusiasts, much more than the Sun's light energy converted into electricity by solar panels. Journalists write on solar industries, some of them on some recent claims by PV scientists and technologists, and most importantly academicians, who claim to change the world of solar industry  more...
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Posted By: Davis Swan - President, Debarel Systems Ltd.
On: February 6, 2014
In previous blog postings I have expressed my concerns about the relative return on investment and the economic fairness of roof-top solar panels. But I am also a big fan of solar power which is, after all, the most abundant and the most reliable energy source that we have at  more...
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Posted By: Shehu Khaleel
On: January 23, 2014
The world first single largest Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Project is now a reality, the multi-million dollar solar project by the government of Abu-Dhabi, the first of its kind has been completed and successfully commissioned. ABU-DHABI OIL RESERVE: With about 8% of the global oil reserve and a home to  more...
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Posted By: Jason Thomas - Energy Consultant, Electricity Scout
On: January 13, 2014
Traditionally, solar power has not received much attention in the Lone Star state.  Renewable energy in Texas, for the most part, means wind.  No other state comes close to matching the output of West Texas’ wind farms.   But a heavy reliance on wind has its drawbacks.  Wind has a tendency  more...
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Posted By: Davis Swan - President, Debarel Systems Ltd.
On: January 6, 2014
In many parts of the world there are significant financial incentives for homeowners to install roof-top solar panels.  This can include capital grants for the equipment, tax write-offs and/or Feed-In-Tariffs that guarantee that electricity produced by the solar panel will be purchased by the local utility at above-market prices.  In  more...
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Posted By: Scott Shugarts - Market Research Specialist, Energy Curtailment Specialists
On: September 17, 2013
Basic laws of Supply and Demand dictate that as global demand for energy continues to rise, the price of energy will rise as well.  These expected energy price increases, along with environmental and security concerns, have led to an explosion in the renewable energy industries, especially at the individual consumer  more...
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Posted By: Rick Hunter - CEO, Microgrid Energy
On: September 12, 2013
Microgrid Solar has seen 400% growth in second quarter sales of Solar PV installations, with over 200 solar projects - commercial and residential - going forward. "We think this is just the tip of the iceberg; solar has reached a tipping point in Missouri, said Rick Hunter, Microgrid Solar's CEO.  more...
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Posted By: Scott Shugarts - Market Research Specialist, Energy Curtailment Specialists
On: September 5, 2013
Arizona Public Service (APS), the electric utility provider for much of Arizona, has submitted a proposal to charge a $50 - $100 fee for its customers who install solar panels for their own energy generation and use. Across the country, public utility and solar companies alike will watch closely to  more...
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Posted By: Joseph A. Olson, P.E. - Engineer, Faux Science Slayer
On: August 30, 2013
There were a myriad of factors that contributed to the demise of the British Motor Industry in the mid seventies. The storied brands of Jaguar, Bentley, Aston Martin and MG of the automotive and Triumph, BSA and Norton of motorcycle industry all suffered under onerous labor union contracts and government  more...
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