Two hydropower contracts for €180 million in Latin America

Alstom Power Inc. - 09.26.2011

Alstom, in consortium with Brazilian engineering companies CESBE and Areva Koblitz, has been awarded an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract worth approximately €310 million by Consorcio Amapa Energia to provide power equipment for the new 373.4 MW Santo Antonio do Jari hydroelectric plant to be built on the river Jari in Brazil’s Amazonian region. The plant will be commissioned in late 2014.

Alstom’s share of this contract represents more than €100 million, of which around 80% directly for Alstom and 20% for IMMA*. Alstom will supply Kaplan turbines and generators, hydromechanical equipment, lifting equipment, DCS (digital control system), engineering works, erection, supervision and commissioning, for the three units of the plant.

Alstom’s Kaplan hydro power turbines will be specifically designed to meet the challenging operating conditions of Santo Antonio do Jari. Santo Antonio de Jari will be a run-of-river hydro power plant, meaning that it uses the river current to produce energy and is therefore subject to large variations in water flow caused by seasonality and high rainfall.

Marcos Costa, Vice-President Alstom Power Latin America, said: “This contract is a strong endorsement of Alstom’s market-leading hydro power technology and project execution capabilities because it requires extremely robust turbines with a large operating range in order to cope with the high river flow variations of the river Jari.”

Hydropower accounts for 85% of Brazil’s power production. Alstom, present in Brazil for 55 years, has played a significant role in the development of hydropower in Brazil by providing products and services for hydropower projects like Itaipu, the world’s second largest hydroelectric dam, and the projects Tucuruí, Jirau and Santo Antônio , as well as thermal power projects like TermoBahia and ThyssenKrup CSA.

Alstom has supplied over 100 hydro turbines and generators to the Brazilian market over the past ten years, accounting for 35% of Brazil’s installed hydro capacity.

* About IMMA

With the purpose of subsidizing hydroelectric projects in Brazil’s northern region, through the provision of hydromechanical and lifting equipment for the undertakings of this sector in Amazonia, Alstom, world leader in power and transport infrastructure, has partnered with Bardella, a traditional domestic capital goods company with on-demand engineering, for the construction of Indústria Metalúrgica e Mecânica da Amazônia - IMMA. With an investment of R$ 90 million, the works, delivered in March 2010, are located in Porto Velho, State of Rondônia, and have 235 thousand square meters of total area and 33 thousand square meters of built-up area. Equipped with operating machines, boilermaking area, gritblasting and painting, the factory has a lifting capacity of 130 tons and production of 12 thousand tons a year.

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