Posted By: Ulla Pettersson - Director, e for energy Management Consulting
On: August 17, 2015
Untitled Document Yesterday President Obama announced that America will embark on a program to combat greenhouse gas emissions from power generation. This is a historical announcement which got less space in European news media than expected. These comments are written without further insights about the tools expected to be used  more...
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Posted By: Jim Bell
On: July 7, 2015
Step Three – Become renewable food self-sufficient. With renewable energy and water self-sufficiency, comes the ability to be renewable food self-sufficient. It also allows for the growth of a great deal of fiber and lumber for local use and trading. To make the San Diego/Tijuana Region and our planet permanently food  more...
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Posted By: Jim Bell
On: July 6, 2015
This two part article/commentary comes under the heading of given all the human health and life-support system damage that human activities are causing, what’s the minimum that those alive over the next 60 years or so need to accomplish to improve our contemporary lives and to leave our descendants their  more...
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Posted By: Terry Jarrett - Attorney, Healy & Healy Law Offices, LLC
On: April 23, 2015
EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy has been saying repeatedly that the EPA's Clean Power Plan to limit carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants give states flexibility. "We're particularly interested in making sure states and utilities can achieve emissions reductions along a flexible glide path so that they can meet their targets,"  more...
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Posted By: Stephen Heins - Former Vice President of Corporate Communications, The Word Merchant, LLC
On: April 23, 2015
In the current Supreme Court case known as State of Michigan v. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Michigan and 22 other states have sued the EPA over new regulations that were designed to further reduce the level of mercury, arsenic and acid gases emitted by power plants. That's almost 50 percent  more...
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Posted By: Stephen Heins - Former Vice President of Corporate Communications, The Word Merchant, LLC
On: March 25, 2015
The idea of "Cooperative Federalism" began with the New Deal in the 1930's, when it came to include a division of responsibilities among the states and the federal government agencies of electric power and distribution. By the passage of the Clean Air Act of 1970, the EPA set the minimum  more...
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Posted By: Takafumi Arai - Digital Marketing Supervisor, Global Smart Community Projects, Toshiba
On: February 17, 2015
Celebrities and major corporations, like Leonardo DiCaprio and Walt Disney Co. for example, have helped spearhead the charge for a carbon neutral planet . They recognize the need for a future where our planet is exposed to less carbon, and hope to see others commit to carbon neutral initiatives.     more...
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Posted By: Rick Barnett - Consultant, Green Builder
On: February 13, 2015
Another chapter of the global climate effort recently concluded in Lima, Peru, as a warm-up for a more-targeted meeting in Paris, June, 2015.  Climate action advocates show subdued optimism for Paris:  although political goals are more visible, no action plan is on the table, that would buffer rising global carbon  more...
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Posted By: Eric Hahn P.E. - Civil Engineer Corps officer and Acquisition Corps member, U.S. Navy
On: February 2, 2015
Built environment improvement projects represent valuable opportunities for integrating innovative energy collection technologies.  How valuable?  One Innocentive Seeker looking to design a building-heat energy collection system recently posted a “Theoretical Challenge” worth $15K.  According to the posting, this type of challenge “implements an idea but is not yet a proof  more...
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Posted By: Jessica Kennedy - Energy Consultant, Energy Curtailment Specialists
On: December 31, 2014
Most of us are concerned about how climate change will affect our corners of the world, but we need to be thinking about our most vital natural resources: tropical forests.  Tropical and subtropical forests are the most biodiverse areas on the planet, and they even give us most of the  more...
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