S&C Provides First Grid-Tied Solar Energy Storage System

S&C Electric Company - 09.26.2011

S&C Electric Company today announces the successful deployment of a 750-kW PureWave® Storage Management System (SMS) to PNM Resources. The system, installed in Albuquerque, N.M., is the nation’s first solar storage facility that is fully integrated into a utility’s power grid. The PNM Prosperity Energy Storage Project can produce 500 kilowatts of power and uses high-tech batteries to create firm and dispatchable energy derived from a renewable energy source. v “Integrating large-scale solar energy projects into the grid can be challenging, because output from these projects varies suddenly and dramatically when clouds block the sun,” says Jim Sember, S&C Vice President—Power Quality Products. “Energy storage is critical to making renewable energy a more widespread and reliable form of generation.”

S&C’s PureWave SMS provides two storage functions that are essential for solar generation. It smoothes the output from solar panels, mitigating potential variations brought on by resource intermittency, to ensure continued grid reliability and stability. The system also allows stored solar energy to be dispatched at times of peak demand, eliminating the need to use carbon-emitting generation for this purpose.

“Energy storage is critical to reducing our reliance on fossil-fuel-fired generation. It protects the stability of the grid, ensures a reliable energy supply and mitigates the need to rely on carbon-emitting generation for ancillary grid services,” says Sember. “Demonstration projects such as this one at PNM are essential to evaluate how energy storage solutions can be applied to meet the nation’s energy goals.”

S&C’s PureWave Storage Management System features field-hardened power electronics to intelligently manage stored energy sources. Its built-in logic ensures efficient charging of the batteries during times of peak solar energy production, and manages the discharging process to instantaneously dispatch energy to smooth variations in energy output from the PV panels.


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